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Looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids?

Look no further than our coding classes at codora!

Our experienced instructors have been teaching children programming since 2017, guiding them towards creating their own games, controlling robots, and developing their own apps.

With endless possibilities, programming can open up a whole new world for your child.

Curious about programming but not sure where to start?

Our crash course is perfect for children who want to dip their toes into the world of coding. Whether your child is interested in pursuing programming as a career or simply wants to try something new, our classes provide a supportive and engaging environment for learning.

Join us and discover the exciting world of programming today!

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Loved by Kids Loved by Parents
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(from Google Reviews:) I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic beginner's course here with my daughter. As someone who has been working in IT for years, I learned a lot of new information about a topic that was almost entirely unfamiliar to me. It may sound like the father who plays with his children's toy trains, but my daughter was also very enthusiastic and interested! ;-) The course was well-designed and the time well-utilized, and the content was conveyed in a way that was easily understandable for all attendees.