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Thomas Frank, the youtuber and blogger, creates content to help you be your most productive self.  

Whether your are in highschool, university or the real world, Thomas is full of first-hand experience to help you get through exams, pushing away procrascination and learning strategies.  

His videos are 6 - 15 minutes and fast-paced, focusing on a specific challenge each time.  

They are ideal for the modern learner, and help channel your focus under pressure.  

1.  Break your studying into chunked sessions of 25-30 min

2. Create a dedicated study area

3. Study actively

4. Take effective notes by refreshing them right after class

5. Summarize or teach what you learn

6. Active reading

7. Use mnemonics when studying facts using acronyms, coined sayings and image associations

Study Less Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary of Marty Lobdell's Lecture - College Info Geek

Loved by Kids [01] Loved by Parents [01]
Loved by Kids Loved by Parents
Ethel Psilou
Great tips! This is THE most prominent issue for kids after 16yrs old... The all need to improve their note-keeping skills, reviewing methods, and lern new memorizing tricks!