Datum & Uhrzeit
Tuesday - Sunday
  • Buckhauserstrasse 28
  • 8048 Zürich
  • Switzerland
4 slots between 9.00 - 17.00

Play Village

A child-friendly indoor wonderland.  

We are still setting up, but here is whats coming up!

Welcome to Play Villa

A place whereevery visit feels like a personal adventure for you and your little ones!

In this child-friendly indoor wonderland, children can become anyone they dream of, as they explore elements of this diverse world.

Every corner of Play Village is a vibrant reflection of our world, from

  • bustling cafes to busy construction sites
  • lively supermarkets to humming medical centres.

Designed with independent walkers up to age 10, our immersive experience goes beyond mere entertainment – it's a journey of discovery through play and making sense of the world we live in.


Every detail has been lovingly crafted to spark curiosity and joy.

As children take-on different posts and roles they are opening up into a world of new skills and knowledge.  Growth comes in different forms and it can start from problem-solving in a makeshift supermarket, or nurturing empathy at our vet clinic.

Our carefully curated play areas provide a safe haven for children to step into the shoes of

  • doctors
  • chefs
  • builders and more, all while parents can watch.
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