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Storycraft Birthday Parties


Welcome to Storycraft Parties! We offer creative birthday parties for children and adults of all ages at our Ruschlikon studio, providing the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations.


Our parties include 

  • an engaging story
  • fun arts and crafts activities and 
  • time for food, cake, dancing, and games. 

Our standard party package offers a well-structured agenda:

  • Arrival and Drawing: 10 minutes
  • Storytelling: 20 minutes
  • Arts and Crafts: 45 minutes
  • Food Time: 20 minutes
  • Dancing and/or Games: 25 minutes 


Parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays from 

  • 10:00-12:00
  • 14:00-16:00
  • 14:30-16:30 
  • 15:00-17:00.


Party Packages

Choose from our various party packages for a 2-hour celebration:

  • Up to 10 children: 400 CHF
  • Up to 12 children: 450 CHF
  • Up to 15 children: 500 CHF


Extra children

The total count of children includes the birthday child. Additionally, any child aged over 2 years who participates in the project is considered part of the party's child count. 

We accommodate a maximum of 15 children unless you arrange for an additional Storycraft teacher beforehand. For parties exceeding 10 children, parental assistance during the event is appreciated.


Extra time

  • Extend the celebration with extra time by pre-booking. 
  • Additional 30-minute intervals with a teacher incur a charge of 35 CHF. 

Payment and Invitations

No deposit required! We'll provide you with all the necessary details once your party is confirmed. if the party is cancelled within two weeks of the date we would ask for a 25% cancellation towards my material costs/childcare. 


Don't forget to include our studio address and directions on your invitations, Storycraft Studio, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803.  

It can be slightly hard to find so please include this link for the directions  or type  'STORYCRAFT STUDIO' on Google Maps, using the address only can send people to the wrong place. 


Children are recommended to come in old clothes suitable for art as some art materials can stain. If you are doing the giant messy art activity then a change of clothes is essential.



Additional Options 

  • Add a delicious art-themed cake or cupcakes for 10 CHF per child.
  • Add party bags for an extra treat at 4 CHF or 7 CHF per child.
  • Option 1 at 4 CHF per child (minimum 50 CHF) or 
  • Party Bag Option 2 at 7 CHF per child (minimum 50 CHF


Would you like to simply hire the whole studio and organize a DIY Party?

  • The studio is available to hire for 90chf for a morning or afternoon to hold your party. 
  • You can use the kitchen and all the studio furniture, music player etc. 
  • You can bring your own art/craft activity or a Storycraft craft activity from the gallery can be prepared for you, including the prepped pieces and all the materials needed to complete the craft. 
  • An appropriate storybook to go with the craft will also be provided. 
  • Please note that parents are responsible for table set-up and tidy-up for a DIY craft party unless this is requested in advance (see prices below). 
  • Note, please do not use the word Storycraft on your invitations, unless you refer to a 'DIY Storycraft party' as a Storycraft teacher will not be present. 


Private Party Prices
  • 2 hour DIY Party for 10 children: 190chf (4 hours room hire + a prepared craft for 10 children + book provided)
  • 2 hour DIY Party for 15 children: 240chf (4 hours room hire + a prepared craft for 15 children + book provided)

For a DIY party you are responsible for setting up the food table yourself. 

Party plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, white paper to cover the table and balloons are available for your use at the studio. 

If you use these we appreciate a few francs donation towards the cost of these in our shop honesty box as below.

More Options
  • Rent only: 90 CHF for 4 hours
  • Paints & Selection of Decorations: 5 CHF per child (minimum of 50chf)
  • Fully Prepared craft project from the gallery: 10 CHF per child
  • Food table set-up including use of colourful plates/cups/napkins etc: 30 CHF, dependsing on room bookings.  
  • Use of party plates/cups/napkins/white paper to cover table/cutlery etc – donation in the Shop Honesty Box is appreciated.   

Contact us to schedule your Storycraft Party today!

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