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A video by Emma Bryce about what really happens to the plastic that we throw away and how recycling gives these disposables a different fate.

By introducing the story of three plastic bottles, this video takes us on a little journey of what happens to our plastic waste and how it impacts our environment. 

The video takes us right at the begining of the making of plastic out of synthetic polymers of oil and gas molecules which end up making the three bottles. 

It goes on to show how after a very short time of use as a drinking bottle of water, all three bottles become waste. But this is not the end.

One of the bottles after being dumped in a lanfill gets mixed with rain water making it toxic and creating a dangerous substance called leachate that poisons the ecosystem and all life forms.  

The second bottle gets carried away into the sea and ends up in a plastic island, an actual pile of plastic waste ftoating in our seas poluting our planet's oceans,  and killing it's animals.

All of this plastic will eventually brake into smaller peaces creating micro-plastic and finding a way into our tables for sure. 

The third bottle however gets recycled and has an opportunity to be reborn as something new! 

An eye-opening 4 minute story about the enivornmental impact of plastic disposals, addressed to young children and adults.  

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