Datum & Uhrzeit
Von: 14.11.2023
Bis: 18.12.2023
Tuesdays, starting November 14th
  • Winterthurerstrasse 18
  • 8610 Uster
  • Switzerland
10:00 -11:00

Playball is an engaging sport where kids build many skills.

We teach 9 different sports as well as focusing on locomotion and stability skills that children so desperately need in their early development. 

Play time is an essential component of development for toddlers, and engaging in playball activities is particularly beneficial.

When toddlers participate in playball, they are not just enjoying the game. 

They are also enhancing their motor skills through the actions of

  • throwing
  • catching, and
  • kicking.

These movements aid in the development of gross motor skills, which are crucial for their overall physical development.

New Skills

Moreover, playball introduces toddlers to concepts of

  • Teamwork and sharing
  • Social skills and teaching them the value of cooperation and turn-taking
  • Rules and the concept of structured play


Additionally, playball can be a tool for language development as toddlers learn to express themselves, whether through victory cheers or by verbalizing their actions.

The joy and excitement of playball stimulate their emotional growth, providing a safe environment to experience a range of emotions while also learning about winning, losing, and perseverance.

Through playball, toddlers gain not only physical strength and coordination but also valuable life skills that contribute to their holistic development.

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