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  • [0+ years old]
    Lindt Home of Chocolate
    A dreamy chocolate heaven

    The Lindt Home of Chocolate is a great destination for families who want to discover together the magical world of chocolate making

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  • [0+ years old]
    Kunsthaus Zurich
    The art museum with a compellingly unique power

    The Kunsthaus art museum has collected over the years the most important European collections from the 15th century until today as well as contemporary performances. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Aathal Dinosaur Museum
    The absolute dinosaur experience in Switzerland, you can come up close and personal

    Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs: real skeletons from your own excavation, life-size models, special themes such as amber, fossil woods, etc. 

  • [6-11 years old]
    Museum of Digital Arts
    Kibit, a public physical computing workshop

    The secret agenda of the MuDA is to inspire kids and young adults to experience the creative potential of programming and engineering.

  • [0+ years old]
    National Museum of Zurich
    The Discovery suitcase adventure

    Equipped with a ‘discovery suitcase’, a map, a magnifying glass and a booklet with tasks, children and families can set out to explore the museum on their own.

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  • [0+ years old]
    Museum of Man

    The Kulturama Museum of Men helps us learn about human evolution and discover knowledge through a journey using real fossils and detailed reconstructions from over 3.5 billion years ago to the first written cultures of Europe. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Museum Castle Kyburg
    The Castle Museum near Winterthur in the Canton of Zurich

    The Kyburg Castle Museum near Winterthur in the Canton of Zurich is 

    the first castle museum of Switzerland and is known as a castle of powerful counts. 

  • [0+ years old]
    North America Native Museum
    The culture of North America’s natives

    The North America Native Museum will transport you and your family from the southwest of the USA across the prairies and forests to the Arctic.

  • [0+ years old]
    Swiss Children's Museum
    Discover the world of the child

    A museum specially for kids (and adults) in Baden where you can discover what life was as a child and what children played with in old times. 

  • [0+ years old]
    The Rietberg Museum
    Art of the world in Zurich

    The Rietberg Museum is one of the largest museums of Zürich and hosts excibitions and collection of art and design  from all over the world like Asia, Africa, America and Oceanian.

  • [0+ years old]
    The Tram Museum Zurich
    For all senses and tastes

    The new Tram Museum has something for every age, every interest and every purpose. The Museum tells the story of Zurich, the economic and industrial changes in the city leading to urban mobility and the development of the city transport network (ZKH).

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  • [0+ years old]
    The Zoological and Paleontological Museums of the University of Zurich
    The world's most important collections of marine dinosaurs

    The Zoological and Paleontological Museums of the University of Zurich are both a great opportunity for a nice day of fun and culture with the family. 

  • [0+ years old]
    The Mühlerama Museum
    Tiefenbrunnen industrial mill

    The Mühlerama Museum operates the Tiefenbrunnen industrial mill, which is over one hundred years old.

  • [0+ years old]
    ZMB Zurich Museum Railway
    A unique trip on electric and steam wagons

    The ZMB Zurich Museum Railway gives us a unique opportunity of riding on an electric or steam wagon and taking an one of a kind trip with our family or friends while eating and enjoying the scenery. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Swiss Science Center Technorama
    Learn in a playfull way

    The Technorama is a great opportunity for a family day! It provides an experience with hundreds of phenomena from nature and technology through countless experimental stations where visitors can lend a hand and experience or even manipulate natural phenomena with all their senses. 

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