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  • [12+ years old]
    How to study effectively & Exam Preparation
    Study Less Study Smart

    7 Tips in 6 minutes based on Dr. Lobdell's lecture "Study Less Study Smart" 

  • [0+ years old]
    Plastic Pollution: The complicated problem of plastic
    A video by Kurzgesagt in collaboration with UN Environment and their Clean Seas campaign

    Plastic is important in modern life and completely eliminating it is not the solution.  This 9 min video illustrates how plastic improves our life but also poisons our food chain.  Solutions are available.  

  • [6+ years old]
    5 Human Impacts on the Environment

    This online video is a starting to create awareness to children & adults about how our lives impact the environment we live in and how we can change for the better.  

  • [7+ years old]
    The Coronavirus Explained
    The Coronavirus & what you should do by Kurzgesagt

    An illustrated video with clear narrative by Kurzgesagt, interesting for small children and young adults

  • [7+ years old]
    What happens to the plastic bottles we throw away?
    The fate of plastic bottles & their impact in the environment

    A TED-Ed short video presenting the impact and the risks that plastic disposables have on the environment, beginning from their production to their disposal.  

  • [9+ years old]
    How to Save the World
    Short film chosen by National Geographic editors

    A Film4Climate Competition Winner educating young adults about how humanity has impacted the environment throughout history.  Powerfully narrated by spoken word artist Prince Ea.  

  • [0+ years old]
    Pollution, how is it created & where does it go

    What kind of pollution exists, how does it infect our food chain and how it affects our body and our atmosphere

  • [9+ years old]
    Climate Change

    This video explains how one small change in the ecosystem can have a domino effect that has a big impact in our climate.