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  • Gerliswilstrasse 6
  • 6020 Emmen
  • Schweiz
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  • Special needs

At Adventure Rooms both children and adults have a great time solving reedles and experiencing a unique adventure.

It is a perfect destination for families or groups of kids and offers a lot of different options of fun.

You can either accompanie up to six children to play in an adventure room (CHF 150) or you can let children play alone accompanied by one of the staff members while you relax in the puzzle lounge.

Availability is limited however so book online!

You can also host a children's birthday party in the AdventureRooms!

Children can have also a snack and a drink before the game at the puzzle lounge (unlimited drinks (coke and mineral water), birthday decorations, serviettes, plates and glasses for a flat rate of CHF 50 (plus the cost of the game)).  Remember to bring your own cake or snacks. The offer is valid for a maximum of 12 children and 2 adults. 

Adventure rooms are also a great Halloween destination. Here are the Rooms you can choose from:

The Black Queen

Combine cleverly, stay calm, and above all work in a team. This is the only way you can reach the exit within 60 minutes and uncover the secret of the black queen.

Ideal for beginners and advanced.

The secret window

Discover a building full of secrets. Mysterious objects have to be combined. Find clues and decipher messages. Only those who reach the secret window have a chance to escape.

Ideal for beginners and advanced.

The golden jungle

Follow the traces of a legendary mission that went missing in the jungle in search of a pot of gold. Physical exertion is not necessary, but all the more cleverness, skill and teamwork.

Ideal for beginners and advanced.

The fantastic journey through time

Our latest game sends you on an exciting journey through time. As a member of a special team, you must find a top-secret formula in the past that grants superhuman powers.

Ideal for advanced and brave beginners.

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