Date & Time
Monday- Thursday
  • Sihleggstrasse 9
  • 8832 Wollerau
  • Schweiz
Additional info
  • Special needs

All you need to do is register online and then drop off your kids for an hour full of fun, playing with LEGOs and discovering science. Children practice at problem solving in small groups of max.6 kids. 

To register choose the appropriate level for your child (Preschool, Advanced, or Robotics and Programming), check that the day and location work for your schedule,  and click the REGISTER NOW button below to register. Private or Adhoc sessions can also be arranged. 




Pfaeffikon SZ

16:00 - 17:00


Private Session

​Wollerau SZ

16:15 - 17:15


Private Session

​Bäch SZ

17:45 - 18:45 

Wednesday & Thursday

Avaialble upon request

Preschool and Kindergarten Level

  • Create moving machines and more using Lego Duplo
  • Suitable for Ages 4-6
  • In this fun and casual setting, the children will learn to listen and follow instructions.
  • They will be encouraged to interact with each other while playing various games. 
  • A new Lego model will be built in each class that can then be expanded on to encourage creativity.
  • Cost: 4 session minimum   25 CHF per session

Advanced Level

  • Learn scientific principles while building complex moving machines using Lego Technic
  • Suitable for Ages 6+
  • Come for your weekly dose of Lego building and experiment with your technical creation. 
  • We will explore various aspects of what makes our machines work. 
  • This is for the truly advanced Lego builder who can follow complicated instructions and handle the small Lego Technic pieces with ease. 
  • We will have fun while learning about how things work in the world around us.
  • Cost: 4 session minimum     25 CHF per session


  • Invent, build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms
  • Suitable for Ages 8+
  • In this 4 session course, participants will get to custom build and program their own robot whose components include motors and sensors. 
  • With our special curriculum, there are no limits to imagination and creativity. 
  • Skills in logical thinking and programming grow naturally as the kids strive to design and program their robot to wow everyone during the show on the last day. 
  • The students will find visual programming on iPads is easy, fun and appealing. 
  • With no experience at all, or even with previous experience, each student can expand their robots' skills and experience the exhilaration and challenge of getting their robot to achieve new levels.​​​
  • ​Cost:  200 CHF (for all 4 sessions)
  • Maximum: 6 kids
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