Date & Time
Monday to Friday
  • Rüschlikon
  • Switzerland

Through fun and engaging activities, your child will be taught practical tools to help them feel calmer and have the skills to cope with those big emotions. 

A 30 minute parenting session is also offered in which Sonal shares additional tools that you can use to support your child. 

Your children will discover the hidden feelings behind anger and will learn that ALL feelings are valid and come with a message. 

Feelings are like waves they are not permanent. 

Children and teens are accumulating increased stress, worries, frustration, anger, and other big emotions, compared to before due to Social Media, Covid-19, school, etc. 

Mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork teaches children powerful life long skills to de-stress and calm down by paying attention to their breath with focus and awareness. 

The Program

Sona's emotional development program is ideal for kids between 6-11 years old. 

Home visiting service offers a 1.5 hour one-to-one session designed to teach your child the tools and strategies to help calm and soothe BIG feelings.

A video, audio and pdf  are included in the sessions too for reference any time!

Parents and caregivers will also be given small growth challenges to further enhance their children’s progress. 

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About Sona

Sonal is a former Social Worker with a psychology degree and diploma in early years and childhood education.

Based in Ruschlikon she shares her emotional co-regulation home visiting support service.

Sona offers a HOME VISITING service to families that reside in 

  • Zurich
  • Baar
  • Zug

Sessions can take place virtually via video conference call vue to COVID-19. 

Let’s remove the drama and help your child find their calm superpowers! 

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