• Brüderhofweg 13b
  • 8057 Zürich
  • Schweiz
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  • Special needs

Open Day for the King's Game of Chess.

We invite all interested families to come by and witness how we teach chess to children.

With sophisticated training methods, we not only ensure that your loved ones learn a game for life, which will also give them many advantages in school, but they learn to combine "learning with fun".

Through Chess children, teens and adults can grow in multiple directions throughout their life

  • Socially by building life-long friendships
  • Mentally through the regular challenge and focus on the game at hand
  • Intellectually by facilitating flexibilty to consider multiple options and strategies
  • Creatively by allowing the player to explore different ways to reach his/her goal

Book a class or camp for kids interested in taking their playing to the next level, here .

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