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A successful party begins with good planning, and the most common debate is “to invite the children or not?”


We would like to make this question easier for you and say yes to children, because we are considered the top specialists in children’s entertainments for ages 0 – 10.  Whether you are organizing a family re-union, a lunch, or even a wedding we can create tailor-made entertainment programs for the entire age-range of the little guests.  We can even adjust the program last minute if the weather changes!


We can also organize special treats so you won’t have to worry about toys or fare-well presents for the children.  Simply contact us and let us know the option that best suits your needs from the options below



Delivery of a Toy Box at your location

We have carefully organized 12 different toys in each of our boxes.


In each Toy Box, a different one for each age group between 0 and 5 years old, you will find a delivery note detailing each toy.


Temporary Glitter Tattoo

Temporary tattoos for children are always a great option to entertain your little guests, and they look even more beautiful when we add a little sparkle.


Children can choose from more than 100 models and different colors and sparkles.


The cost is 150 CHF for 2 hours including all material and a babysitter, for up to to 20 children.


Some information about the temporary glitter tattoo:

Glitter tattoos are temporary, meaning they are not removed with water;

They last more than 5 days and can be removed;

We use material suitable for children, which does not harm the skin;

In case the child has any extreme intolerance to the skin painting, we ask that the parents notify us before the event.


Custom Souvenirs

We have different kits that will entertain children through craft-work. Thus, they will leave the event with a sense of accomplishment for their own gift, which can be taken home. 


The activities allow each child to develop their own imagination, working as a team in a playful way and stimulating the creation with the hands.


Custom souvenir options:

Glass jars with candies, personalized by the child;

Easy making of unique pieces like bracelets and necklaces, with material that satisfies both girls and boys;

We do not use sharp objects or sharp tools. Only age-appropriate material.



We can even organize a portrait session or group photo with the children at the party!


Contact us for a direct quotation based on the needs of the event.  

The cost depends on the approximate number of children and the age group.

A basic fee begins for services that include at least 3 (three) hours of Babysitting;

The estimated value per hour of work in your event includes the pay of each Babysitter, as well as compulsory social insurance and our administrative fee;

We don’t charge any extra fees for registering your order.

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