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  • Tüfistrasse 18
  • 8134 Adliswil
  • Schweiz

Children can do all sorts of activities at the Tufi adventure farm like "School in the yard", get a taste of the stable air, go on carriage rides, take riding lessons, sleep in the straw, meet the animals, shop at the farm shop and enjoy the "Mezu" band.  It is great location for a birthday celebration as well.


Child and pony group (children from 5 to 10)

Price per semester: Summer (Aug. - Feb.) Fr. 800.00, Winter (Feb. - Jul.) Fr. 600.00


Individual lesson (children over 9)

Cost per child: 1 horse and 1 child: Fr. 80.00, 1 horse and 2 children: Fr. 45.00, 2 horses and 2 children Fr. 70.00.


Group riding lessons (children over 9)

Price per semester: Summer (Aug. - Feb.) Fr. 900.00, Winter (Feb. - Jul.) Fr. 675.00


Guided horse ride

2.5 hours, costs CHF 60.00 and can be booked in a 10-person subscription will be for CHF 550.00


VaKi-MuKi - riding

 For children from 4 years.


Total duration 1.5 hours (riding about 45 minutes), price 45.00 per couple.


Adventure day with horses

for children from 9 years with riding experience. Costs: Fr. 75.00 (or 70.00 *) with lunch. Two to three children share a riding horse. (* for Tüficlub children)


Horse trekking week from 10 to 15 years

Costs depending on the number of days and distance between Fr. 490.00 and 540.00 (460.00 and 510.00 *), all inclusive. (* for Tüficlub children)



Fr. 25.00 per lesson, vaulting will start in April 2020.


children's birthday

Prices: with riding program depending on effort and number of children with carriage ride Fr. 200.00 flat rate, max. 12 children (Sunday Fr. 250.00)

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