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From: 12/07/2022
To: 18/08/2022
Tuesday - Thursday
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  • Schweiz

At Kids Bike League children enjoy mountain biking while learning new ways to ride safely.  


We follow a level system in which each child can begin based on his/her existing capabilities and move up as he/she progresses in a fun and educational way.  

The ojective of the program is for children to enjoy riding with their family and parents on all types of bike tours.  


Summer holiday classes take place between July 12th and August 18th.

Autumn holiday classes take place between October 4th and October 13th.

On Tuesday – Thursday Afternoons.  While each class builds on the day before, it is also possible to book single days.  


Age groups and skills

3 – 5 Years Old – Mungga

Children are accustomed to their bike and will learn how to perform controlled riding, braking, mounting and dismounting on easy terrain. 

The classes are designed for children to learn playfully in groups but also include individual exercises the handling of the steering and overcome already simple obstacles, based on the existing skills of each child. 

Children’s objectives: My bike is my best friend. 

5 – 7 Years Old - Gämsli 

Children apply the technique they acquired during the first level in a more challenging terrain. 

In this course the class focuses on balance and coordination skills by tackling higher and more challenging obstacles, learning to ride one-handed, and pedaling while standing. 

Children will begin to experiment with shifting gears and to navigate waves and hollows. 

Children’s objectives: I can enjoy biking on a variety of surfaces. 

8- 12 Years old - Staiböck 

In the Staiböck level, the children can control their bike very well and build on the skills of the first two courses. 

The focus of of this group is speed control, balance exercises, jumps, drops and medium steep trails.  The children will be able to control their bike on medium difficult trails. 

Children’s objectives: I am ready for small tours and master medium-difficulty trails.


10 – 14 Years old - Staiböck PRO Träil  

In this level children already master their bike very well.  Building on the skills of the previous courses they will master steep wall turns, root and rock sections, drops and many more advanced tricks.  

Children’s focus: Riding and building technique of different trails. Jumps such as drops will also be experimented and developed.


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