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Select your choice of theme and colours from the handmade teepee themes for girls and boys and everythign else will be taken care of, including delivery and set-up!

Gift your children a wonderful and exciting experience with their best friends, all in the safety of your own home or private venue. 

Your overnight party will remain in the memory of you and your loved ones for a long time. 

How it works

​As easy as 1 - 2 - 3 

  • Choose one of my gorgeous sleepover themes for hire and I`ll take care of the rest for you. I deliver, assemble and style your chosen teepees in your home - all before your guests arrive. 
  • Add a little extra like craft kits, beauty packs or snack jars to enhance the party fun.
  • When your party guests have left the day after, I`ll gather everything upon collection - while you`re busy getting all the "this was soooo much fun!" comments, I`ve already packed it all up for you.

It`s really that easy and convenient for you! 


My ultimate goal is to make hosting a slumber party simple and magic.

Tipi sets and prices


Option 1: Full service

Party for five! Including full service 

Each Teepee Friends Set consists of 5 individual Teepees.

The standard set includes:

  • 5 x Handmade tepees
  • 5 x age-appropriate mattresses
  • 5 x sheets
  • 5 x mattress protectors
  • 5 x cuddly soft blankets
  • Decorative cushions
  • Light garlands (battery operated)
  • Fabric garlands
  • Small tables
  • Soft carpets (imitation fur)
  • Lanterns (battery operated)
  • Hand picked decorations

Please bring your own pillows!


My full service includes
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Professional styling in your home or desired location
  • Pick up and cleaning (Zurich city area, otherwise on request).

I take care of everything so that you have time for your family and guests.


Option 2: Pick-up from our workshop

Party for five! Incl. pick-up     

You want to pick up the tipis and accessories yourself and set them up at home with me? Wonderful!

I make everything ready for you and explain everything to you in detail. You come and pick up the tepees and decoration yourself and bring everything back to me completely after the overnight party. 


You would like to invite more guests?

A good idea!   Simply add extra tipis to the standard set.


Would you like to invite fewer guests?

Please let me know when you book so that I can make you a personal offer. The minimum per booking is 3 tipis.


How much space do you need?
Set-up 1

If I set up the tipis in a row in your home, you will need about 4.5 m in length and about 2.5 m in width.

You can put the tables away if you don't need them, but my experience shows that the kids like to put their personal belongings and small snacks there.


Set-up 2

It is very nice when I can place all the tipis in a circle, because that way all the kids can see each other and talk best. For this you need about 4.5 m in length and about 5 m in width. The tables can also be stowed away here when they are not needed.


Would you like some extra services and activities?
  • Snack Jars

Kids love sweets and savoury snacks! (Actually, don`t we all?) Add a selection of lovely snack jars to your sleepover party and have them conveniently delivered to your home. No shopping and dishwashing required. Simply let me know what selection you`ll prefer and I`ll take care of the rest.

Set of 3 jars for hire.  

Set of 5 jars for hire.  

All leftover snacks are yours to keep afterwards  in Teepee Friends Snack Jars.

  • Fun drinking bottles

​Hmm, homemade lemonade is easy to make, healthy and still one of the yummiest drinks to offer to your guests. Simply hire these fun drinking bottles with colourful straws to lighten up your party. 

Hire fee per bottle.  

  • Teepee Friends Drinks - Teepee Name Plaque

Let each guest decorate their own custom teepee name plaque to place above their personal teepee for the night. We`ll supply the plaque and the chalk markers for them to use. Alternatively, I`ll already prepare the name tags for your guests in advance and set them up for you.

​Hire fee per name plaque and markers.  


  • Jewellery Craft Kit

Looking for a fun activity for your guests during the sleepover party? Why not have them make their own jewellery bracelets and necklaces - plus have a perfect little party give away for them to go home with at the same time?

I`ll be happy to find the perfect kit for you!

Jewellery craft kit per guest.  


  • Fabrics Design​ Craft Kit

Another fun activity for your sleepover guests: let them design a fabric of their choice (e.g pillow case, bags) with fabric paint, sequins or stencils and have a lovely take home gift for them to remember the fun sleepover. No need for you to go out and spend hours to find all the materials, I`ll bring it all to your house.

Fabric design kit.  

  • Beauty Party Package

Girls love beauty products of all sorts - nail polish, lip balms, creams, facial masks, you name it - it`s always to much fun to try new colours and products. I`ll personally put together a selection of beauty items so your sleepover guests can enjoy a beauty party par excellence.

​Beauty Party Package.  

  • Message Light Box

Want to say "Happy Birthday" or write a special little note for the sleepover party guests? Simply let me know and I`ll set it up for you in colorful or black letters for free.

Still want more ?

I`m so happy to help! I`ve plenty more ideas about fun activities and craft kits for all interests and age groups. Simply let me know when enquiring for a booking and I`ll come up with an fantastic ideas for your party.

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