Date & Time
Monday to Friday
  • Seestrasse 5
  • 8700 Küsnacht
  • Schweiz
7:30- 18:30
Additional info
  • Special needs

The lessons are based on the public school system and combine international curricula to create the very special bilingual curriculum of the Lakeside School.

It includes a day school, a pre-kindergarten, a kindergarten and a primary school.

There is a Care before & after school service and holiday care.

There are also leisure lessons after school. 

Admission is possible during the school year.



Age: from 3 years  

The child must be without diapers when entering the Lakeside School Horgen. 


Children who enter the Lakeside School Horgen immediately after their third birthday during a current school year finish the current pre-kindergarten year and start their official pre-KG year in the following August. 


1st kindergarten

Age: from 4 years (birthday to 31 July) 

2nd kindergarten

Age: from 5 years (birthday to 31 July) 

1st grade

Age: from 6 years (birthday to 31 July) 

2nd grade - 6 Class

The child is classified according to age, development and previous school performance

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