Date & Time
From: 20/04/2020
To: 06/05/2020
  • Jonaweg 9
  • 8498 Fischenthal
  • Switzerland
Gorilla in the Maze

April 22nd - 24th

This is a basic introduction to game development.  A gorilla must reach his bannana at the end of a maze, while avoiding a green monster that is trying to eat him.  As part of the creation of the game, children will also learn to make different versions of the maze and the gorilla.  

For beginners with no previous experience.


April 27th - 30th

Pong is a single player game.  There is a paddle and a ball and the aim is to keep the ball bouncing off the paddle.  The difficult increases as the speed of the ball increases.  Children learn to use mathematical equations to calculate the angle of the ball bouncing off the padle, while also learning how variables can define the scoring system.   

For beginners with no previous experience.


May 4th - 6th

An exciting and most popular game the last few years.  Children learn to program a quiz game and attribute scores based on how fast the player can answer the questions correctly.

For beginners with no previous experience.


12 CHF per child

Book here a single or purchase all three in a bundle for a 10% discount!

A virtual class is up to 5 students, and places are limited!


A laptop, desktop or tablet

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