Date & Time
  • Dorfstrasse 24
  • 8784 Glarus Süd
  • Schweiz
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  • Special needs

With a magnificent view of 30 mountain peaks, 3 glaciers and 6 three-thousand-meter peaks in the sky and the car-free area it is the safest place for family vacations. The whole family can stay together at one of the modern family suits that provide you with the latest standard of comfort. It takes its name after the fact that for the past 30 years the fairy tale fairy or the fairytale uncle have been telling an exciting fairy tale every evening! 

Little guests can go down from one floor to the next with the slide or take part at the great adventures of dwarf Bartli. There are five different aquariums and a starry sky top as well as a child-free spa on the roof of the hotel, protected by a glass pavilion! There is an indoor and an outdoor pool and in March the sun shines for 10 hours in the area so it is perfect for some sunbathing. Competent help 24 hours a day and 365 days is provided thanks to a medical consultation.

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