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First and foremost is their own desire and motivation to play an instrument. The necessary physical maturity and suitability can be clarified by the appropriate teachers if desired. (finger size, breathing, posture) Parents should be supported in the choice of instruments, advice, information and the appropriate instrument rental or purchase.


Every year in May, our music school organizes a musical instrument workshop where the instruments are presented and tried out to the 1st, 3rd and 5th primary classes of Feusisberg, Hütten and Schindellegi.


We recommend and arrange a lesson visit with the respective teacher, where they can get a

 They should be able to observe the course of the lesson and be advised on instrument suitability and physical maturity.


The age of entry and the beginning to learn an instrument is relative: We recommend the early education courses and the primary school for a holistic early musical education as well as the pupil theatre and the pupil choir as entry and activity possibilities and the Orff xylophone and the recorder as first instruments.


Depending on the instrument, the requirements for learning to play an instrument include: body size / body, hand and finger position / dexterity / independence of the left and right hand / independence of the feet (e.g. drums) / breathing with wind instruments / lip vibration / hearing, etc.

Children's instruments:

Nowadays there are children's versions (children's instruments) on the market for many instruments, which are smaller in construction than the normal size. This makes it possible for children to play on the instruments at an early age. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that above all the willingness of the child to learn an instrument must be there.

Buying or renting an instrument:

It is advantageous to initially rent the instrument and only buy an instrument after a later phase, when the decision has been made to continue playing the instrument. Music dealers charge a certain rental period when buying an instrument.

Further information about the music school

The music school will be happy to provide you with further information and advice. We can also arrange lesson visits and clarifications with the teachers.

Youth Wind Orchestra Höfe

An offer of the three Höfner music schools. Details see www.jboh.ch

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