Date & Time
Tuesday to Sunday
  • Steubisallmend 3
  • 8416 Flaach
  • Schweiz
Tuesday: Exhibition and adventure path closed/ Guided tours bookable
Wednesday to Saturday: Exhibition and adventure path open from 1pm to 5pm./Guided tours bookable
Sunday and public holidays: Exhibition and adventure path open from 11am to 5pm/ Guided tours bookable

The nature center offers many exciting and educational days for the whole family and specially for children.

The interactive exhibition and the adventure path of the nature center are suitable for children from 3 years. Swimming in  the Rhine and Thur is possible.

Junior rangers can explore the Thurauen with a ranger about once a month and get to know the habitat Flussaue and its native animals and plants.

If you want to you can plan your child's birthday at the nature centre and make it a special experience!

In the shop / kiosk of the restaurant ,Rübis & Stübis next to the nature center, you can buy provisions, snacks and ice creams. The restaurant itself runs a children's menu with reasonably priced children's menus.

Playground: In Badi right next to the terrace of the restaurant and the nature center has a playground with slide, climbing tower and swing. 

The Badi Flaach is located next to the nature center. It has a children's paddling pool under an awning, a wide water slide and two swimming pools. The large lawn right on the Rhine invites you to linger. 

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