• Gotthardstrasse 34
  • 8800 Thalwil
  • Switzerland

Our Happy Place is a sunny and creative space located on the Zurich Silver Coast where one can learn new creative skills, make new connections and celebrate birthdays in a fun and happy environment. 

Our "do-it-yourself" creative kits are ideal for those of you needing to escape into a world of imagination and creativity!

Create something for yourself or for someone you love.

The kits include instructions and all the materials required for interesting projects and gifts that you will be proud of!

We can also design custom kits and presents for childrens' birthdays that take place at home, just like as if you would be at our atelier!

The Spring Craft box is a wonderful kit full of creative materials for your child to use their imagination with!

Price is CHF 49.00 (excluding shipping) and can be picked up in Thalwil or shipped anywhere in Switzerland. It is appropriate for children of 4+ and for younger ones with adult supervision

Order the Spring Craft box and browse more Creative Kits here! 

Life is short. Be CREATIVE! 
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