• Wachtgasse 5
  • 8134 Adliswil
  • Schweiz


2 and a half hours for up to 6 children 


CHF 330 (including food and drinks, chef's hats , aprons during the course, recipes, a beautifully packaged cake pop and digital photos)

for more guests extra CHF 40 per child (max. 10 children)


The children's kitchen, Adliswil or at your home.

The birthday child can choose a menu , e.g. B. mini pizzas made from whole spelled batter or homemade pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan. For dessert, children will bake cake pops and decorate them. Children will make an original birthday cake out of this and everything that is not eaten is nicely packed to take home. All product that are used are organic and the flour is whole wheat.

Cooking together with your loved ones 


CHF 60 per person (including food, drinks, recipes, chef's hat and apron during the course) 

Location: Die Kinderküche, Adliswil Course

Cooking is fun, promotes creativity and is healthy especialy when you do it with loved ones.  The cooking plan includes a main course such as B. homemade pasta or mini pizzas made from wholegrain spelled dough, as well as children's party hits such as vegetable collies and cake pops. The products are all organic and  the flour is whole wheat.

Lunch in the children's kitchen


CHF25 for one-time booking

CHF22 for an annual booking

The lunch menu is cooked and baked with love. The products are all organic and  the flour is whole wheat. The bread is homemade and all children can decide how much of each dish they want to eat depending on their appetite and cravings. Eating in the children's kitchen means enjoying, encouraging people to try things and having fun with friends. We also have “food waste” under control.

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