FREE Educational Activities for Kids in Zurich

Plus a Bonus for Mama

The Pumptrack in Cham

Pumptracks are closed-loop circuits full of hills and curves suitable for all types of wheel vehicles without a motor! They are safe and great fun for small and bigger kids.  



AMA Kids Mental Arithmetic Free Trial Math & Abacus Class in Zurich

Kulturmama's Free English Storytime Mondays in Thalwil

February 28th, March 14th, April 11th, May 9th and June 20th
16:00 – 16:30 in Gemeindebibliothek Rosengarten in Thalwil

Kulturmama's Free English Storytime Fridays in Zurich

March 4th and 18th, April 1st, May 13th, June 3rd and 17th  
10:00 – 11:30 in PBZ Bibliothek Altstadt and 
13:30 – 15:00 in  PBZ Bibliothek Unterstrass

The Zoological and Paleontological Museums of the University of Zurich

CrashCourse 5 Human Impacts on the Environment – Online

Mama we’ve got you too…

Take a deep breath and immerse in a Free One-Hour Personal Success Masterclass
by two highly creative and driven women Ana & Efi.  
After 15 years in the corporate world Ana & Efi know that successful companies rely on a business plan to drive good results.  In this masterclass you will start building your own life-plan to stay focused on what matters and to keep clarity during the day-to-day, so you too can optimise your abilities and reach your goals.  

Reserve your time slot between March 1st and 3rd to be start your life-plan.

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