A New Pump Tack in Cham

Pump tracks are the newest trend in Switzerland and they are different from skate parks because they are closed-loop short circuits full of hills, curves and waves suitable for bikes, skates, kickboards and anything without a motor and equipped with two wheels.

Skate parks instead use ramps and staircases.

At a place where in October 2020 there was nothing but grass and brambles, in December stood a brand-new Pump track in Cham, right across the Strandbad Badi Cham (or Lido), the local pool (another post about this to follow) and the tennis courts.

This incredible pump track is suitable for children beginning from 4.5 years old and above, including grownups.   The afternoons can be busy with older children and youths doing all sorts of tricks. During school holidays, even coming at 10 a.m. you can expect the place to be full of kids, although once the school restarts, coming in the morning is the best bet to find the place empty to try out without too many dangers.

The parking is right in front of the park, and when the pool is not open, there are usually plenty of parking spots. The parking is free for the first 15 minutes and then it’s 1fr/hour. During the summer, when the swimming pool season starts, parking is a bit more difficult. If you are coming Steinhausen, Baar, and most definitely Hünenberg, Holzhäusern and even Boanas, the best bet is to come with public transportation or bike.

For refreshments it is best if you bring your own from home as there are no facilities to buy a drink at the Pumptrack itself, except once the Badi is open (usually in May).  The Badi is right across from the track and there is a restaurant for a meal, ice creams for the kiddos, and access to the toilets.  Note that once the season starts, you would have to pay the entrance fee to get inside to the bathroom area, unless you make a purchase at the restaurant. 


Rules of the Track

While the entrance is free for all, there are some rules that must be obeyed (and if not, you will most certainly be warned by someone older).

  1. Only vehicles without an engine are allowed in: bikes (all kinds), kickboards, skate- and longboards, rollerblades. My kids had three-wheel scooters and there were a lot of kids there with the same, but the most common are the two-wheel metal kickboards. The remote-controlled cars are not allowed.
  2. For your child’s safety, please have them wear a helmet. Always. No excuse. Here, it is even more important because a likelihood of a crash or fall is very high. The kids are allowed, and it is recommended to wear other protective gear too, like knee and elbow protectors.
  3. Everyone drives and rides in the same direction. Inform your child so they don’t get run over. Be tolerant and take care and watch out for others
  4. If you need to take a breather, stop at the marked areas outside the track. That way you will be safe and out of the way
  5. Keep the place clean and dispose of the garbage in the right way
  6. While the place is open every day from early morning to late in the evening, it is forbidden to play loud music and be super noisy. Which totally makes sense, if you are going to come there at 9 p.m. you should respect the people living close by.


Entrance is free!

Seeweg, 6330 Cham. Opening hours are from 07:00 to 22:00 every day.

More details here!


About the author

Azra Variu is a mom of active twin boys who loves to try new activities and spend time with them.  She is as energetic as her boys are and has made the most of life in Switzerland the last 16 years, by traveling, exploring and trying new experiences.  While she is an active mom she teaches English and holds a masters in English Language and Literature from the University of Bern.  She enjoys sharing her discoveries with friends because she wants to spread the word about exciting places that more people can enjoy.  An perfect fit to the Momizen team.  You can follow Azra at @twinmum_inzug!

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