Robi Playground in Jöchler, Baar


Here is another gem in the Zug playground arsenal.

This place is a must-see, or should I say, must-visit, but it does have a bit of particular opening hours. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 13:30-17:00, with special opening hours during school holidays. What’s so cool about this playground is not only the place itself, which can take all afternoon to properly visit, but also because there are some extra places one can visit that are just a stone’s throw away.

Getting there

The playground is Robi (for Robinson) Adventure Playground and it is located in Baar (you may find the address below). The area is fenced in, so one need not worry about kids getting on the road or roaming away. But because it is fenced in, you should always check the opening hours before coming especially if you are not arriving by car which is very convenient as there are plenty of parking spots provided right in front.  When coming by bus the bus ride from the main station and the walk to the grounds from the bus stop takes 10-15 minutes. If you are arriving by car, follow the signs that say Robi Abenteuerspielplatz, and if you are arriving with the bus take bus 32 or 280 from Baar station to Baar Waldmannhalle.

The playground

The playground has a large climbing area, a huge, grassed area with cherry trees, which are free to pick when in season. A ladder is offered to reach the top cherries!  In the cherry orchard kids kids are free to play games such as hide and seek, find a covered sand pit with a lot of toys, a small playhouse and a shed full of vehicles, shovels and all sorts of other toys. A little stream flows through the playground and besides the water pump that is available, the kids wade into the stream and build their own dams and play in the water.

There are also vehicles available for bigger kids, four wheelers, trikes and tractors, and bigger kids also have a blast visiting. This playground is actually made for school age kids, and is run by volunteers, who always provide some sort of entertainment for the bigger kids. Last time we visited, there were hammers, nails, saws, knives, pieces of wood available and my boys ended up making pretty cool crossbows. The great thing about raising kids in the Swiss culture is that children are encouraged to try out (even dangerous) things in a safe way while they are being monitored. Another time we were there, there were paints, colors, brushes and other painting material available as well as clay, where a lot of kids made clay animals. The older children can be dropped off and left on their own during the opening hours while being safe because there is always an adult present to support the children. The younger kids, however, need to be accompanied by grownups.

Syrup drinks are offered complementary for the kids and coffee can be purchased for 1 CHF per capsule. If you bring some sausages, you can grill on the open fire BBQ that has all the wood already prepared for use as well as benches and tables.

There is also a bathroom on the premises with actual cloth towels!

Birthday parties

The pavilion can be also used on rainy days because the little house has quite a lot of space inside. The whole playground can be rented for parties and one of the better birthdays we celebrated was held here. It’s a perfect place because the kids are safe with a lot of entertainment provided while the parents have the grilling spot with all the amenities. Plus, it is pretty affordable to rent, all things considered.

Jöchler Zoo

On to the larger area surrounding Robi before the bridge crossing, and a minute away from the playground 3-4’ by foot,lies a little animal park, called Jöchler Zoo.  Here the children can see and hopefully pet little bunnies and goats, who are very friendly and like to be petted. If you have old bread and you would like to bring it along, there is a large barrel where you can drop off your bread or old veggies. Just a side note, try not to feed the animals yourself, as noted by the signs.  Just leave the food there because the animals have been getting too much, and they have been falling ill. There are also emus and ducks, as well as a big cage with a lot of birds that the little ones always enjoy observing.

And as I mentioned, there is a little bridge you must cross as you come to Robi. Now if, while crossing it, you look down on the right, you will see a rocky riverbed and a prefect little place with grass right on the bank of the river where you can put your picknick blanket while the kids collect rocks or just get their feet wet. A tad higher there is a spot that is a bit deeper, and the kids can even take a swim. If you come on a sunny day between 2 and 5 p.m. bring a sun umbrella because there is no shade, and it can get pretty hot. There is also a small firepit you can use to grill.   

Anyway, this little corner of Baar is a source of lovely places one can visit, in sunny weather especially, but also on rainy days.

Entrance is free!

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