Why is Sailing A Safe and Fun Activity For Kids?

Sailing is a sport that has its roots in antiquity when the first sails were set in the Aegean Sea about 3500 years ago. Nowadays it is a popular sport in our country for both adults and children as it offers a lot of benefits besides fun!

Let's see in a little more detail what positive benefits our child will gain by learning sailing

1.  Staying in touch with nature


We all benefit from our contact with nature and children even more so. Of all the activities for children that are available nowadays, sailing certainly gives our children a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature and the wet element. In a sailing lesson our children will find themselves for hours in a boat with a sail in the sea with only the wind, waves and sky as their only company. This in itself offers them inner peace and helps to create ecological awareness.

2.  Require intense physical activity

Anyone who has done sailing knows that it is an intense sport in which the pace and adrenaline keep you on your toes. That's why it's an ideal choice for children who are known to have excess energy and need us to find appropriate ways for them to harness and channel it. Activities for children such as sailing and swimming are sports that will pleasantly tire out even the most tireless child.

3.  Develop Patience

If you want your children to learn to be more patient then sailing is the sport for them. Unlike perhaps most sports that are played indoors, sailing is directly dependent on the elements.  There will be days when, due to bad weather, the lesson will be taught at a theoretical level in the classroom and others when, due to apnea, they will not be able to go far in their boats no matter how hard they try. All of this develops patience and makes our children appreciate more what they earn through effort and hard work.

4.  Build Confidence

Sailing lessons are sure to give a big boost to our little ones' confidence. Confidence both in what they can achieve on their own and in their relationship with the wet element. This is because of course there is no better feeling than feeling like you are driving a boat alone in the water, taming the power of the wind and waves. By learning to sail our children gain confidence that will accompany them throughout their lives, in whatever they will be involved in in the future. Read here 6 tips for building self-esteem in children.

 5.  Encourage Teamwork

It may seem like an individual sport while our children are young and doing their first miles in the optimists (the little boats that everyone starts with). But then if someone wants to continue by doing open water sailing, then there we are talking about a totally team sport. In open water sailing the crew of each boat is in perfect sync and perform a uniquely harmonious dance on the sailboat in every race. Each individual has a specific post, they all listen to the captain and no one is in the place of the other while changing their position on the boat by listening to the movement of the boat itself.

For all of the above reasons, consider enrolling your kids in sailing lessons this year and you won't regret it!

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