It is raining again and you find yourself wondering what kind of fun activities you can plan to do with your children?

No need to stress about it!

We did some research and have found some indoor activities you can do with your kids when it is rainy in Zurich that will get you out of the ordinary. They are full of fun, low budget and easy to access.

Here are the top 3:

1.  Indoor Action

Laser Arena Zurich

There is no child in this world who doesn’t like to play laser tag or paintball and that’s a fact! Laser Arena is a great place to take your children on a rainy day and they will surely have an amazing time! Here you can all play laser tag or paintball pretending to be an action hero. It is open almost every afternoon (Monday and Tuesday excluded) so next time you see grey clouds get ready for some laser action!

Monkey Town in Horgen

Monkey town is an indoor playground with 2000 sq.m of climbing, sliding, jumping and fun options for babies, toddlers and older kids.  Kids from 1 - 10 years old can enjoy age appropriate activities.  The escape room and laser tag offer exciting times for young groups of friends as well as offer a fun birthday party option.  For the younger guests between 1 - 4 years old there are age appropriate spaces where kids can enjoy motor sensory stimulation relevant to their size and development.  

2.  Culture

Kunsthaus Zurich

Enter the world of art with kids at the Kunsthaus Museum.  Rain or shine the Kunsthaus caters to children with Audioguides especially designed for children 5 - 12, family friendly facilities, and the opportunity to organise art-themed birthday parties for children 5+ years old.  It is a refuge fro the whole family from the business of the city.  

Rietberg Museum

We cannot expect our children to love art if we do not offer them the opportunity to experience it first hand. What better than a day at a museum or a special exhibition? A day at the museum can be really fun for the whole family especially if you visit the Rietberg Museum, one of Zurich’s largest museums which is free for children up to 15 years! It has exhibitions and collections of art and design from all around the world such as Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. Except taking a tour around the various exhibitions or the main collection you can also enroll in the special family workshops like the “fabric printing” that will allow your children to learn in a fun and creative way. The Rietberg museum is also a cultural center that hosts events such as concerts, lectures and other activities.

3.  Science

Urania observatory

For those who love astronomy or want to open a new world of interest for their children the Urania observatory is the perfect destination. Located in the heart of Zurich, it opens a window into the universe. The Urania observatory has a grand telescope with 600 times magnification which allows visitors to observe the stars and celestial bodies. You should note that every first Saturday of the month there are children tours during the day.

The Wow Museum

The museum of illusions at the heart of Zurich is a fun way to pass the time with kids and adults during a rainy day in the city.  Located centrally off Bahnhoffstrasse between Paradeplatz and Bürkliplatz the Wow Museum contains different rooms that will challenge your sense of space, movement and vision.  Reserve in advance especially on weekends.  


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