Top 5 Places To Go With Kids On A Rainy Day In Luzern

Rainy days happen and they happen a lot in Switzerland. Rainy days are good for the environment, for the plants on your balcony, for the cows that are ringing their bells on the green fields not far from your balcony, yard or window. They are also good for the family as you can have a lot of fun and bonding time on these wet and wondrous days. Escape from home on a rainy day in a city with so many places designed especially for children is easypeasy. These five places will keep the whole family entertained for hours.


Verkehrshaus / Swiss Museum of Transport

Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern

Let’s begin with the obvious - the large, sprawling Verkehrshaus or Swiss Museum of Transport. The museum is huge with so many exhibitions that it is impossible to visit everything in one day. Best to choose a couple of sections to devour in your allotted time and save the rest for another rainy day.

Currently open:

How to get there: From Lucerne railway station: bus numbers: 6, 8, 24 and get off at Verkershaus bus stop; train S3 or Voralpen-Express and get off at Luzern Verkehrshaus train stop. Parking is available along Lidostrasse or in the carpark opposite the Lido Luzern Strandbad.

How much: Online and prices at the museum

Open: 365 days a year, 10am to 6pm summer time



Hirschengraben 41, 6003 Luzern

Gameorama is an interactive game museum, not far from the Reuss in Lucerne, and has not yet gained the recognition and foot traffic it deserves. The museum is unique to Switzerland and allows visitors to try out all kinds of games from different eras and technologies and includes strategy and board games. There is everything from pinball machines to chess to arcade games to The Riddle Escape Games. There is also a virtual reality special exhibition. The museum supports local talent and gives Swiss artists the opportunity to exhibit their work on the theme of ‘games’ and these are availble for purchase. There is an interactive tour on the website where you can see exactly how many rooms, games and consoles there are.

How to get there: From Lucerne Bahnhof: 10 minute walk or from bus stop Hirzenhof a one minute walk or Kasernenplatz a two minute walk. The closest parking is at Kesselturm Parkhaus.

How much: Under 6 - free, 6–16 years - CHF 12, adults - CHF 18. Access is limited to two hours. The escape rooms are a little more expensive at CHF 100 for two players and an additional CHF 20 per additional player with a maximum of six players.

Open: Wednesday to Sunday, 13:00 to 19:00 hr. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays and 1 August , 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January.


Hallenbad Allmend Luzern

 Zihlmattweg 46, 6005 Luzern

The Allmend pool is an indoor swimming area that is great for families and is open all year round - except this year from 25 July to 12 August for revision – a pity right in the middle of the holidays. Here you can exercise, relax or just have fun with your family and/or friends. Available are a 25 metre long swimmer’s pool with eight lanes, an adventure pool with 10 bubble loungers, massage jets, water spouts, showers and bubbling pool, a children’s bathing pool and a learning pool for families with young children, a 55 metre long slide and a diving tower with its own pool. At the entry is a small shop with swimmers, towels and some accessories available for purchase and a bistro where you can have snacks and drinks. The view out the full length glass windows is spectacular with Pilatus looming large in the distance and the mountain range to the left of Pilatus in view. On a rainy day you probably won’t see the view but rain which can also be relaxing to watch as you lie on one of the bubbling loungers in the adventure pool. On your way home, a Migros is conveniently located here to grab some dinner or snacks or anything you may have forgotten.

How to get there: From Lucerne railway station: bus 20 stops at Zihlmattweg. S4 and S5 trains stop at Allmend/Messe and then a 3 minute walk. There is also good parking spaces for bicycles out the front. Paid underground and outside parking are available.

How much: without SPORTCARD Lucerne: adults CHF 12.00, Students, apprentices – CHF 8.50, children – CHF 5.50

With SPORTCARD Lucerne: adults – CHF 9.50, students, apprentices – CHF 7.00, children – CHF 4.50

See website for subscription prices for residents and non-residents of Lucerne.            

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Donnerstag – 6.00 to 22.00, Wednesday, Friday – 7.30 – 22.00, Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays – 8.00 – 18.00

Note: Closed due to revision: 25 July – 12 August 2022

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Hangar 13 | Sport and Leisure Centre

Rüeggisingerstrasse 152, 6032 Emmen LU

Hanger 13 is a kid’s paradise with an Adventure Arena, Paintball Arena, Kids Arena and a Laser Arena. There is even a Spartakus Fitness that is open 24 hours, 365 days a year, in case parents want to hit the gym while the kids hit the fun. Free parking is available at the premises. A five for one choice for a rainy day.

Adventure Arena: Unique in Switzerland, the Adventure Arena offers an interactive gaming experience where teams of 2-4 players overcome various mental and physical challenges with 20 different adventures available that can be freely selected and played multiple times. The aim is to solve as many different adventure rooms as possible in one or two hours.

Paintball Arena: Five thousand square metres of action and fun in the Emmen arena. Whether you are a newcomer, a tournament player or a recreational player, you will experience the action and adrenaline that paintball is known for. Recommended minimum age for children is eight for special children’s events where the firing speed of the paintball markers is restricted. There are special protective suits so you are protected from head to toe. Birthday parties for small or large groups are possible.

Kids Arena: Children from the ages of 0-8 years are welcome at Lucerne’s largest indoor playground. Perfect for those rainy days. Here your small ones can climb, slide, tumble, race around and also meet new friends. For their enjoyment there are slides, a ball pool, electric cart track, trampolines, rides and much more. For parents there is a large catering area where you can sit, relax and keep an eye on the kids.

Laser Arena: Ideal for small and large action heroes, the whole family, birthday parties, class trips and indeed a rainy day and bored kids. There is 800 square metres of laser fun. Players are equipped with a laser tag vest and and an infrared marker and play in teams in a futuristic environment of darkness, flourescent lights and background music. Game difficulty and objectives are adapted to age and preference of players.

How to get there: From Lucerne railway station: There are various routes and bus changes that can be taken that take approximately 30 - 35 minutes, check the SBB website or app. Free parking is available around the building.

How much: Adventure Arena, Paintball Arena, Kids Arena, Laser Arena. There are also vouchers available on the respective web pages.

Open: Check the websites for the different opening times for each arena: Adventure Arena, Paintball Arena,Kids Arena, Laser Arena.


Natur-Museum Luzern

Kasernenplatz 6, 6003 Luzern

The Nature Museum has been around since the 18th Century and has three floors of animate and inanimate collections of unique cultural assets. The collections have been preserved and scientifically assessed and made accessible to the public. The aim of the museum is to showcase and bring awareness of nature and the environment to the public. Food and drink are not allowed in the museum but the Café-Bar LOKAL is next door or you can picnic on the outdoor grounds. Special exhibitions change every six months and provide in-depth insights into various natural themes. At the moment there is a focus on night and darkness.

Wednesday afternoons from 14:00 to 17:00 are dedicated to children five years or older, curious adults and accompanied small children. There is a discovery tour, handicrafts, crafts or painting on a nature theme with a new theme every month.

Permanent exhibitions:

Earth Sciences: introduces the basics of the history of the earth and showcases the development of the Central Swiss landscape from the primeval sea to the Alps.

Biology: presents the regional flora and fauna with preserved specimens.

Wonderful World of Insects: displays the incredible diversity of insects with selected pieces from the collection of the late insect researcher Walter Linsenmaier from Ebikon.

Current special exhibitions:

Conquest of the Night: This exhibition takes you on a foray through the night. Darkness envelops us, a breeze, a chirping…the night  invites us into an unknown world. Sounds, smells and the darkness make the ramble a sensual experience. In the night we can encounter creatures, animals, plants for which the darkness for which thrive in the night. We admire the fantastic expanse of stars in the dark sky - but to find our way in the dark, we make light. The exhibition is open until 16 April 2023.

Views Through the Telescope: Strange galaxies, distant star systems and galactic nebulae are on display that can only be seen through a telescope. The images and incredible colours are awe-inspiring and can render us silent as we view the distant unknown worlds on display.

Batvision: The exhibition allows you to experience the world like a bat. With virtual reality goggles you will perceive the world through echolocation, just like bats do. Surrounded by complete darkness, the environment only becomes visible through your own scream. Open every Saturday afternoon from 14.00 to 17.00.

The Night Does Not Sleep: Are you afraid of the dark? Are you more of an owl or a lark? Did you know that trees grow at night? Join Leila Fuchs as she stalks through the forests around Lucerne, night after night, and experience the dark from a different perspective. The night has many wonders and secrets. Sharpen your senses and be surprised by the nocturnal stories and creatures up close as you haven’t experienced before. Recommended age is from 13 years and duration is for 20 minutes. Open Tuesday nights.

How to get there: From Lucerne train station: Walk along the left bank of the Reuss for approximately 10 minutes or take the bus 2, 12, 50, 52, 61 or 72 to Kasernenplatz. Parkhaus Altstadt is the closest parking.

How much: Adults – CHF 10, AHV, Students, Apprentices, Tourists with guest cards – CHF 8, Children, 6 to 16 – CHF 3, members free entry. There are also combi-tickets availabe with the Historical Museum.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Additional hours for the special exhibitions.

About the Author

Lily is a travel and culture writer from Australia, living for the second time in Switzerland.

The first time was in Zürich and then Zürich canton and this time she is enjoying living in Luzern with a view of the craggy peaks of Pilatus that she finds both mysterious and inspiring. She has a degree in Creative Writing and her favourite genre is creative non-fiction. She is passionate about writing about people with limb differences as it is important to start normalising disabilities in society.


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