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  • [0-5 years old]
    A dance-theatre class in Greek for children & parents

    For mommies & daddies or carers and kids up to 5 years old can enjoy imaginative movement, use their senses and play with colors, music and storytelling.  

  • [12-18 years old]
    TUMO Zurich Teenage Education Programs
    In Park 2/4/6, Thalwil

    Teens between the ages of 12 and 18 take charge of their own learning, gaining cutting edge skills. The program is a combination of self-learning activities, workshops and learning labs, and it is naturally free-of-charge.

  • [6-10 years old]
    World Cup Tournament For Kids By Intersoccer
    At Sportanlage Tüfi in Adliswil

    World Cup fever is here! The first match of the World Cup will take place in a few weeks! 

  • [8+ years old]
    Adventure Rooms Lucerne
    For an exciting adventure!

    Adventure Rooms are a great destination for some indoors fun family time and children love them. 

  • [0+ years old]
    World Cup Tournament For Kids By Intersoccer
    In Spielraum Farlifang Zumikon

    Loved by Kids [01]
  • [8+ years old]
    Room Escape Room
    Das ultimative Escape-Room-Erlebnis in Zürich

    ROOM Escape Room ist ein ideales Ziel, wenn Sie mit Ihren Freunden oder alleine ein Indoor-Abenteuer suchen. Ihr Team wird Ihnen den Weg weisen, Rätsel in einer einzigartigen und ungewöhnlichen Umgebung zu lösen. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Laser tag game center and retro american diner

    Laserstar is a 550 sm airconditioned game arena that combines open battlefield and house combat with towers and a retro gastro area. 

  • [0+ years old]
    Wadenswill Budo School
    A children and adults martial arts school in Wädenswil

    The Budo School Wädenswil is a martial arts school on  lake Zurich where you can train and get certified on martial arts by the Swiss Youth+Sport institution. 

  • [8+ years old]
    Laser Arena Zurich

    Play like an action-hero at any age with your kids and have a great time.  Host your children’s birthday parties and why not join the fun by playing laser-tag and paint-ball together!