A Day Out at Knies Kinderzoo in Rapperswil

A Guide to Children's Suitcases in Zurich

The Bike Kingdom Cup & Festival Event in Lenzerheide

The Power of Creative Language Learning for Kids in Multilingual Switzerland

Discovering Schongiland.

A Gem for Family Fun in Switzerland.

The Essential Guide to Children’s Hiking Backpacks in Zurich

Guide for Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Kids in Zurich

Planning Fun and Engaging Games for Children's Parties in Zurich

Easter Gifts for Kids in Zurich

Empowering Young Minds. The Rise of Affirmation Cards for Children in Zurich

A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Child's Gut Health

Creative Birthday Invitation Ideas to Make Your Child's Celebration Shine

Unleashing Creativity and Learning The Magic of Coloring Pages for Kids

A Guide to Using Ear Muffs at Concerts, Loud Events and in the Classroom

Easter Crafts for Kids

Understanding RSV in Children

"Orion and The Dark", A Powerful Family Movie on Netflix

Fasnacht Festival


A Guide For Last Minute Gifts For Kids

Winter Wellness: Keeping Your Family Healthy

How to Create a Balanced Routine for Kids

Precocious Puberty. Signs and Treatments

Calcularis: Boosting Your Child's Math Proficiency

How to Encourage Thankfulness in Children

Exploring The Award Winning App Grafari as A Valuable Learning Resource for Children

November Book Club: Children’s Books about Giving

Fun and Educational Pumpkin Activities

Cozy Autumn Family Movie Night Ideas

Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Halloween for Toddlers

Talking to Children About War and Violence:
A Guide for Parents

Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Spooky Story Time: Halloween Books for Kids

 Autumn Leaf Art Projects

The Wonders of Forest Schools & Forest Kindergartens in Zurich 

Halloween Crafts for Kids

The Importance of Parent-Child Communication  

The Impact of Technology on Children: Challenges and Opportunities

The Role of Family in Children's Education

Finding Calm Together: Mindfulness Activities for Moms and Kids

Bonding Over Building: Fun DIY Projects for Dads and Kids

Ace the Test: Proven Study Techniques for Young Learners 

Harvest Time Fun: Exciting Activities for Kids This Autumn

Making Homework Fun: 5 Engaging Strategies to Help Your Kids Love Learning

The Joy of Parent-Child Bonding: Fun Activities to Strengthen Your Connection

Navigating the Challenges of Virtual Learning: A Mom's Guide

5 Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Moms: How to Reclaim Your Day

Preparing Your Child for a Thriving and Fulfilling School Year:
A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas: Nutritious and Delicious Meals That Your Kids Will Adore

Preparing for Flu Season: How to Keep Your Family Healthy as Flu Season Approaches

Back-to-School Anxiety: How to Help Your Kids Manage Stress and Thrive

Rainy Day Adventures for Tweens & Teens in Zurich and Beyond

Crafting Chronicles:  Where Summer Magic Meets Creative Genius in the Hands of Young Craftsmen

Exploring Nature's Wonders:  Outdoor Adventures for Kids

Sunlit Explorations: Unveiling the Science Behind Summer's Spectacles through Playful Discovery

Multicultural Education for Children &

Embracing Diversity for a Brighter Future

Building Resilience in Children.  6 Ways to Nurture Their Inner Strengths.

Essential Items for a Fun Day at the Beach with Kids

Exploring Athens with Family.  Unforgettable Adventures for Kids and Teens.

Dog-Friendly Playgrounds, Parks and Trails in Zurich. Unleashing Family Fun.

Deciphering the Growth Journey: A Parent's Guide to Understanding Children's BMI Development

Mom-ergency Kit: Your Essential Guide to Surviving Parenthood ...and Winning Our Giveaway!

Raising Digital Natives: Tips For Teaching Your Children To Use ChatGPT Safely and Effectively

Gender Stereotypes That Modern Parents Still Make

3 Activities That Help Kids With ADHD Thrive

5 Gift Ideas By The Easter Bunny To Kids & Teens


How To Sneak Veggies Into Your Children's Food


4 Tips To Busy Moms For Healthy Meals 

Top 3 Tablets For Kids, Under CHF 200


Why Kids Lie?

“I do not want to go to school today!”

5 Ways To Deal With Resistance And Separation Anxiety


Gift Ideas For Dads, Kids & Teens


4 Books For To Gift Big Kids

And How Bed Time Stories Make Kids Smarter


Top 3 Winter Activities In Switzerland For Families & Kids That Do Not Ski



The Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids & Teens In Lucerne


What is Halloween, and why do we celebrate it? 


Top Autumn Break Destinations for Families near Zurich

Article was updated on 3/10/2022

Top 3 Safety Tips for Families in the Swiss Alps by the co-author of Fresh Air Kids

Top 3 Rainy Day Activities with Kids in Zurich

updated 26/9/2022

Stress In Children And 5 Ways To Help Them Out


Top 7 Family Restaurants in Zurich

updated 22/9/2022

Bedtime routines for children of all ages












Museums And Their Role In Children's Development


Top 5 Places For A Rainy Day With Kids In Luzern


Top Books for Kid's Summer Reading


What to look for in children's foreign language classes


What You Need to Know About Sustainable Fashion for Kids


4 Top Language Apps For Kids



Are Language Learning Apps Really Effective?


Top 5 Family Restaurants in Luzern


Why Kids Need to Code.  Plus what you need to know as a parent


Why are summer camps good for our children?

Plus All The Best Camps Happening Around Zurich This Summer


What Is A Circular Economy.  3 Simple Steps To Explain It To Kids


STEM Camps This Spring


Teens Are Constantly Thinking About Food & Eating.  

Here Is What You Can Do To Help.

Robi Playground in Jöchler, Baar

Updated 30/3/2022

A Pumptrack in Cham. Whats a Pumptrack?

Updated 28/3/2022

8 Effective Tips for Raising Teens


A personal testimony by Melinda Taylor Schoutens, mother of teens and co-author of Fresh Air Kids

10 Tips for Organising a Hassle-Free Birthday Party for Kids


FREE Educational Activities for Kids in Zurich


6 Insider Tips for a Day in Bern with Kids


3 Things that an active 6-year old enjoys doing after school


Tips for self-development while parenting

Lifelong education is possible for parents


How to keep children safe online?


Is Art Camp Good for Kids?

The Answer is Yes! And Here is Why



The top list with school holiday ideas & winter camp for kids and teens



Everything You Need To Know About Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet


Kids and adults build strong connections with their pets, and when the time comes to say goodbye can be challenging for the whole family.  
Melinda Taylor Schoutens, co-author of Fresh Air Kids, shares tips she followed when her family recently navigated through this challenging time.  

Top Outdoor Activities for Kids around Zurich this Christmas


Get outside for Christmas fun with kids!  Find out where to go here...

Ski and Snowboard Safety Gear for Kids


Switzerland is ideal for winter outdoor activities, and the right safety gear can make each experience fun and safe for kids and adults.  

See what you need here...

Staying Healthy this Winter


Every winter our immune system is challenged, even more so since Covid-19 came into our lives.  The food we prepare at home can play a big role in keeping our defences high the next months.  

Melinda Taylor Schoutens, co-author of Fresh Air Kids & Holistic Health Coach offers a treasure of insights from her own experience about how to choose the right ingredients, alongide inspiration for winter recipes that will boost the immune system in kids and adults.  

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How can I help my Child with Financial Education?


Sophie Evans, financial coach for moms, explains why financial education is important for kids and how parents can help.

Teaching Responsibility


A personal testimony and great ideas for teens by Melinda Taylor Schoutens, co-author of Fresh Air Kids

Looking for some tips on how to be a parent and a life-long learner?

We got you covered.


7 Tips on being a Parent and a Life-long Learner

Halloween Weekend. Where to go with Kids around Zurich.


Get the list here!

8 Tips for Great Family Photographs with A Smartphone


By professional family photographer Ivana Matic

10 Reasons to learn a foreign language!


And what to look for in a language school as a busy parent.



How to keep children dry and warm at school

Climate change and the sudden changes in temperature have many parents confused.  Read about how to keep it simple here...

Tips for getting outside with older children


For those days that pre-teens and teens need encouragement,


Bedtime stories make our kids smarter


Here is why...

The Best Trampoline Parks around Zurich


Our list with the best ideas for a rainy afternoon and the next birthday party

Jump over to the list!

School Time for Kids & Teens













How to overcome the first day jitters? Find our tips for soothing back to school anxiety here

Our List with the best school supplies available online!












See all items here!

Why Children Need Nature


A personal testimony by Melinda Taylor Schoutens from Fresh Air Kids Switzerland


Top 3 Life Jackets for Kids


Best life vests for safety in the Lake and the Sea.  
Get the list here...

Tips for Choosing the Right Hiking Shoes


Make the most of your hiking experience with the right shoes

Get the Tips here...


Tips for a Successful Overnight Stay in a Mountain Hut


And an exclusive recomendation from Fresh Air Kids!

Read everything you need to know here...


New Momizen & Fresh Air Kids Switzerland Partnership


Working together with companies that have a positive social impact in the future generation

Discover our new partner here...                 

6 Perfect Farms around Zurich for a Birthday Party


Why not throw your child’s birthday party at a farm?

Get the list...

10 Reasons to Go Hiking with Your Kids!


A lot of parents enjoy hiking but are afraid to take their children along.
We have 10 reasons why you shouldn’t hold back anymore and go on a family hiking trip! 

Wild Animal Parks in Zurich


Life in city life doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with the wildlife.

Get the list here...

Summer Sports Day Camps around Zurich

Summer is almost here and summer day camps will make the holiday experience fun and educational for your kids!

Get the list here

The In-depth edition: Can we teach our kids to persevere through challenges?  


Tips by Angela Duckworth on grit


Redecorating your child's bedroom


5 Ideas to make practical changes at home


The In-depth edition: How much more emotional bandwidth can we have? 


These 3 Daily Actions can shift your mindset



Cooking with our kids is educational, fun and pure quality time



Take it to the next level with expert cooking classes for the little ones at home


Camping will create memories that will last a lifetime




Best Camps around Zurich


For spring 2021


The In-depth edition: A Yes Parent picks her battles, so everyone wins




And 3 questions to consider each time you say ‘Yes’ to your kids


Traveling by train with kids in Switzerland


Plus 2 day trip ideas around Zurich.  

The In-depth Edition: Signing up your kids for extracurriculars is an investment


It requires money, time and conviction that one day it will pay-off.

5 amazing DIY hand crafts to do with kids at home


5 Ideas to get your kids started with creative play

How to dress kids up for winter outdoor activities



A checklist with the most important items.


How to teach our kids to care for the environment


Discover tips on environmental education for children

5 Fun Foreign Language Activities


Learning a new language for kids can be fun with these 5 activities!

Winter activities are fun and facilitate children's mental and physical development


Winter activities are fun and facilitate children's mental and physical development.  Dress-up appropriately and make the most of the winter wonderland around Zurich!

7 Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Things


Book mark this list for inspiration on Christmas gift experiences instead of things!

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The Farmy Giveaway has 3 Winners!

Momizen teamed up with Farmy, the online market where you can make purchases transparently from local producers, and offered 3 CHF 50 Vouchers to lucky 3 Winners!

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Discover a place where parenthood and wellness can co-exist


At World of Movement in Thalwil, parents and children can grow and gain confidence in their body, together

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Why its a mistake to postpone teaching languages to kids


Momizen interviewed Susanna Mineve, the Owner and Managing Director of Wordculture Language School in Zurich, to understand how young children and teenagers can continue pursuing their language studies, and finding the support they need for Gymi examinations during these changing times.
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The November Giveaway cold-pressed by Yamo has a winner!


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Top 10 swimming pools in Zurich


Why swimming is a great physical and mental activity.  

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Tips to help children eat more vegetables


Start by eating the rainbow!

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The Momizen Giveaway sponsored by Logiscool has a winner!


Momizen teamed up with Logiscool, a worldwide leader in Digital & Coding Education
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The top list with the greatest birthday party ideas for kids and teens


Never run out of ideas for birthday parties for children of all ages and interests!
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Insel Ufnau is a little island where few monks live in the Zurich Lake


Between the the historic town of Rapperswil and Pfäffikon, Insel Ufnau resides on turquoise waters and has a 360 degree view to the Lake’s busy coasts. 

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Why books are so important for kids of all ages


"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein
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Wearing a helmet could save your life


Why all riders, including younger ones, should wear a helmet
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The Truth About Why Masks Limit Transmission of Covid-19


And why small children must be always monitored while wearing them. 
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The Momizen Survival Pack Winners June 2020 are Lost for Words!

The prized contents of the Momizen Survival Pack Giveaway contest found their way to the 3 lucky mamas and babies of 6 months – 2.5 years and made their day!
Below is a glimpse of the remarkable gifts curated by Momizen to help mommy and baby get through this survival phase, and make life together fun.  
The Survival Pack check-list

Top 3 Educational Youtube Kids Channels


At Momizen, we have selected our top 3 Youtube channels that ease-up on the guilt factor when kids are looking at the screen.   
They are short, educational and inspiring!  Plus we list our recommendations for the perfect home-experiment apparatuses that can bring the science from the screen to the desk, and even the bathtub!
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Traveling by car with kids in Switzerland and beyond


Your Mediterranean summer family holiday has been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19.  And now you are exploring your options of local tourism to find a destination to escape to and re-charge for next winter.  If you are lucky enough to be stuck in a country like Switzerland, remember that you are on the winning end of the bargain, as Switzerland is one of the most beautiful, safe, reliable and child-friendly countries in Europe. 
Having said that, no matter where the summer sun finds you and your little ones, if you don’t want to regret ever leaving your front door, then preparation is key.
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Our top picks for eating out with family around the Zurich Lake region


These two months have been challenging particularly for families with children as the home restriction was hard on everyone.  
And a nice meal with the whole family is a much needed retreat after the quarantine.
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How can we celebrate motherhood on a single day? 


As a mother I sense genuine gratitude from my kids during unexpected and fleeting moments of pure joy.  They express it unknowingly how happy it makes me.
Therefore, no flower, no card and no craft (which no child will be making at school these days by the way) will ever come close to show the gratitude needed for a mamma to feel understood and appreciated, nor should it.  Having said this, jewelry comes close, and a day alone for self-care comes closer.  
Until however, until my children become parents they cannot come close to understanding how much we are sacrificing, and that’s ok, I couldn’t either. 
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How to Host the BEST Virtual Birthday Party!


This day, that day, the other day, someday, yesterday, today… I no longer know what day of the week it is. This may be the case for us parents, but I assure you that your child knows exactly what day their birthday is, despite all the chaos around.
So how can you make their day special during the lock down, when you cannot physically see family and friends to celebrate? While you could wait to reschedule a party when all of this is over, virtual parties are awesome and can even be more exciting than a conventional event. They are practically free, almost no clean-up after, zero exhaustion from hosting and you can still socialise within a virtual yet real time environment.
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Should children wear masks?


If yes, under what circumstances and should they wear them at school?
The COVID 19 pandemic is now at its peak all over Europe. 
While countries like Denmark are taking small steps to get back to normal life, many parents are still reluctant to let children go back to school.
Within a few weeks nevertheless, normal life will look totally different, especially regarding education. Schools will open their doors to students once more but changes will have to be made for safety.
Parents are wondering whether they should make their children wear masks since it is challenging to convince a young child to keep something on their face for so long. So should children wear masks?
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Breakfast tables are the new school desk


With online learning now part of the daily rhythm of life under lockdown, Swiss households are being slowly converted into classrooms.
The role reversals are not entirely welcome, as parents are now subbing as teachers and stepping in as IT support.
Momizen talks with TechLabs founder Joel Radvanyi about how online learning should be working for parents - not against them.
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Top Virtual Museums


The whole world encounters, maybe for the first time this century, a pandemic so big that has shaken us all! In the spirit of protecting ourselves and our loved ones we are advised to stay at home. But what to do, how to pass time and most importantly how to find interesting things to do with your kids while “staying in quarantine” for the next days. Not to worry! We have prepared for you a list with some of the world’s most amazing virtual tours of museums. This way you can find yourselves entering a museum each day and discovering a new world from the comfort and safety of your home!
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Top Learning Activities at Home


And as you might be busy working from home for the next few weeks, you might be in desperate need of a strategy to balance fun and learning time with the young ones.
Combine these activities with some unplugged time for maximum effect and just make sure you have an old phone/mobile the children can borrow and a charger for when the fun needs recharging!
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Top Outdoor Activities


Rainy weather can be difficult if you have children as they love playing out in the open and rain limits the activities you can do outdoors. However, there are plenty of indoor suggestions for all parents who live in Zurich and want to have a fun time with their young ones on a rainy day.
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