Language Apps for Kids

These 4 apps will help your children learn a foreign language by playing


Children learn better through playing. This is because they acquire knowledge by experiencing and not merely studying. They also love to have some screen time during the day despite the fact that parents often try to limit it. It’s not that difficult to understand why: Smartphones, tablets and computers are a great shiny toy that interacts with them in a responsive way, more than any other toy they have. So why not take advantage of these facts and introduce them to a few apps specially designed to teach our kids a new language while playing?

Foreign language applications are incredible tools for an interactive educational process. Technology helpse learning easy and fun:

children acquire new skills in an interactive way. Using these apps will help your kids see learning as fun. Here we have a list of some of the greatest applications you can download on your desktop, tablet or smartphone! This way your kids can have some much-desired screen time and you can live without the guilt as they will be learning something new. It’s a win-win!


Duolingo is one of the most popular tools on the market thanks to its practicality and efficiency. This program offers children the opportunity to learn Spanish, French, German and Russian through some very simple functions. Your children can practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation using spaced repetition. There are numerous exercises of all levels that include written translation, as well as short stories for reading and speaking comprehension.

Rosetta Stone Kids Words

This colorful app comes with a free demo version and access to 24 different languages! It can help your kids become fluent at the foreign language of their choice while playing and creating words and sentences. The app is a kids’ version of the adults app that is based on speech recognition technology and works with native language tutors. Rosetta Stone focuses on understanding plain text in Spanish and other languages. It also offers the opportunity to recognize the sounds of letters and everyday words, as well as improve their pronunciation.


Do your kids love dinosaurs? Then this is the perfect for them! It offers online language learning games, videos, songs, books, worksheets and flashcards for children for 47 languages! Among them your children can choose to learn some of the oldest and most difficult ones like Chinese or Greek.

Gus on the Go

This application allows children to learn Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Greek, Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Polish and many more. It offers a variety of activities that encourage children to learn numbers, colors, foods and many other new words. The stories app helps children learn Spanish, French, Greek and Hebrew by diving into a classic story with a silly twist where they can meet new characters and make them move in the context of the language they are learning.  The app also offers free printables in all languages so that children can practice offline as well.

While these are just some of the greatest apps available, remember that to learn a new language in-depth it is important to participate in a traditional classroom where the feedback by the teacher and the social framework among other students create a simulation of the real world, and facilitate deeper learning.

We made a list of the best 4 language schools and private teachers that are available online and in-person in the Zurich and Zug region.  

Book your classes with a teacher and optimise the benefits of your or your children's preferred app.  


Can language learning apps replace traditional teaching?

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