10 Tips for Organising a Hassle-Free Birthday Party for Kids

Gabriella Györfi, ​owner of Creative You Art Studio in Thalwil shares her personal tips about how to organise the funnest birthday party for kids

There comes the moment in every parent’s life when an elaborately planned and catered birthday party for their child at home is not fun for everyone anymore. Luckily, this realization usually coincides with the child's own wish to move the party elsewhere. 

This is when you start racking your brain to remember all the previous parties your child was invited to and what she/he liked the best from friend’s events.

Depending on your child’s wishes, personality and your budget, you’ll definitely find the right party venue for your little one. There is definitely no shortage of ideas and offers in the region of Zurich.  It is in fact impressive to count how many different party-themes one can choose from: science, chess, indoor climbing, farms, cooking, kids’ yoga, coding, horse riding, pool-party, gym-party, kickboxing, escape rooms, bouncy castles, bowling, go karting, spa party, museums the list is endless, let alone the extensive range of creative activities as well. 

Planning a birthday party for your child can be absolutely overwhelming, this is why it’s essential to have a plan. The simple tips below will help you to put together a stress-free party for your child so that you can both enjoy this special day. Make sure to do what works best for you, your child and your wallet.

10 Tips for Organising a Hassle-Free Birthday Party for Kids

  • Set your budget.  It helps set a cost per child, so you can easily compare among vendors. 
  • Choose a date, start/end time, theme and write-up a guest list with the relevant contact details.
  • Compare a number a of preferred locations and book the venue of your choice.  Ask for a written confirmation and check age recommendations and safety issues.
  • Send out a SAVE THE DATE message to your guest list - with the date of the party, and ask for a quick RSVP. I always recommend asking about any possible food allergies at this point too.
  • Check if the venue offers the snacks, drinks, utensils, serving trays, plates and cups and party bags and whether they can recommend a cake artist. If YES; you are in luck, you just have to agree on the details with them. If you decide to cater the party yourself, make a grocery list.
  • Place the order at least 2 weeks before the party and confirm delivery or pick-up date, if you need to order a cake.
  • State parking information and public transport options if the guests will arrive by themselves.  If you will organize the transfer to the location include the pick-up location and time. 
  • Send out real invitations closer to the date.  Invitations can be hand-made by your child and sent via e-vite or through a Whatsapp group created for the party. Include all necessary details and if a special dress-code is recommended, i.e. if things are expected to get messy.  Add your phone number, and make a follow-up call to those who didn’t RSVP.
  • In Switzerland it’s common practice to mention what your child would like as a present, or if she/he is saving up for something, so do not get surprised if you are asked about present ideas.
  • Send a reminder to all parents one day before the party. Include all the details one more time: date, drop-off and pick-up time, location, activity.

It is always kind to send personalised thank you card and photos after the party, and to write a review about your vendor/s online so that more parents can read about it.


About the Author

Gabriella Györfi is a mother and owner of Creative You a ceramic art, glass fusing and pottery studio in Thalwil, Canton Zurich.

At Creative You Gabriella and her team know how to create a fulfilling birthday experiences for girls and boys.  Leave your children and their friends at Creative You for two hours of creative fun that includes an introduction to the basics of ceramic painting, working with clay or glass fusing: experimenting with colors, materials and patterns, stamping, stencils, tapes, and bubble painting.  The finished artwork of each guest will be a fantastic souvenir to take home a week after the party! (Cooking the works of ceramic art take a little time after everyone is gone)

More details about our creative birthday packages: here.

Gabriella and her team have experience in guiding children in their artistic journey, while organising weekend workshops throughout the year and camps for kids during school holidays.  At Creative You children find a safe space that gives them the chance to explore their creativity and enjoy learning about the innumerable facets of art.  They are encouraged to be expressive and experimental.  ​Birthday parties with an art theme are hosted for children 5+ and younger ones can come accompanied by an adult.  Walk-ins are welcome where you can begin to create with guidance and inspiration.  


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