Universal primary education is a norm in Switzerland and quality public schooling is available to all social/economic levels. 

While educational processes are transforming rapidly through new technologies, mediums and skills, it remains a challenge for the public school system to keep up with much needed life-long learning needs that kids have. 

In many countries it is the private initiatives that offer targeted courses that prepare the youth of today for the job market of tomorrow. 

Expert teachers focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as sports outside of school are gaining traction among the choice of parents and kids for extracurriculars. 

Momizen is an interactive platform where information about educational courses, sports and hobbies is accessible to families of boys and girls of all social/economic backgrounds with transparency, and not only circulated among closed circles.

While this is the situation in Switzerland, public primary education is not a norm in numerous regions of the world.  In these regions children’s growth and education relies almost entirely on private initiatives that complement an underfunded public-school curriculum. 

Often parents are not aware of the importance of new skills outside school, can’t afford them or don’t know where to look for them. 

With the right assistance, Momizen can bring ed tech initiatives, sports activities, computer science exposure, and environmental education initiatives that take place in their community, to the attention of all parents, so they can help children find their purpose in a quickly evolving world.  

City by city Momizen has the potential to grow and customise to the local communities in order to bring fun as well as educational courses closer to boys and girls of all backgrounds with equity and transparency.  

Through Momizen Local and small businesses speak directly to their niche market within their region and can begin to grow their businesses while offering courses that will help build the next generation.  

Momizen is committed to making an impact in Education and focuses on the Targets set by the Sustainability Developmental Goals of the United Nations in Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, - United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs on Sustainability.    


Parents, and families that are on-the-go will discover a wide range of activities based on their interests

Our curated activities are focused on educational and fun activities for kids.         

Momizen is a tool for parents and caretakers because they can:  

  • Find activities and experiences for kids by a wide range of categories, ranging from music lessons to sports activities

  • Search events by age, date and location, saving time looking around on the internet

  • Discover experiences curated for families and children recommended by other parents

  • Read reviews, ratings and see photos added by parents sharing their experiences

  • Search results in map-view and list format for an easy overview and planning on-the-go

  • Send invitations to birthday parties using the private and public invitation functionality 

If your family has special needs, we can help make sure you have the accessibility information you need BEFORE you get to a facility

Sign up with Momizen and be ready to think on your feet when the weather changes. From museums and cultural spots to amusement parks and playgrounds, we help you find a new activity your family will love.


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