6 Perfect Farms around Zurich for Children's Birthday Parties

Why not throw your child’s birthday party at a farm?

Zurich is a big city but its right next to the country side and there are a lot of farms nearby to visit with your children and come closer to nature. During summer, spring and autumn the weather is better than ever, and you can invite your friends to celebrate a special day, birthday, or anniversary by throwing a big party in one of Zurich’s farms. 

Choose from the many activities offered and enjoy the healthy fresh and homemade dishes. Escape in nature, understand more about animal life and rejuvenate!  Through games and activities in the natural environment of the farm animals, children will understand better where eggs, milk and vegetables come from, how animals are protected and raised, the process of feeding the animals, as well as have fun playing around without being afraid of getting dirty! 

We picked out 6 of our favourite birthday party farms for children and families

Farm in Stoss in Feusisberg

Stoss in Feusisberg Farm offers a lot of experiences in nature for young children who can run and play freely on the farm. Children's birthdays (2-8 years old) can be organised on all weekdays except Sundays (Monday to Saturday). They are 3 hours long and cost CHF 280.00 (up to 10 children including 2 adults plus an additional CHF 10.00 per child above 10 children). If you wish there can be snake bread and a campfire too with an additional cost of CHF 5.00 per child. 

Besides throwing a birthday party here a family can spend a whole day on the farm especially during the school holidays. Children can help look after the animals, play, make handcrafts, explore the forest, jump and play hide and seek, let their own ideas run free and have an amazing time in nature.

Hof Narr in Egg

Hof Narr is a refuge farm for farm animals that need a home.  Here, all chickens, pigs, horses and bunnies have a name, and children and visitors can spend time petting the animals while listening to an expert care taker. Individuals, small groups, birthday parties and events can book the farm and combine learning about the farming industry in detail while having direct contact with the animals.  

Hof zur Matte in Horgen

On a hilltop far from the city life, but still close enough to arrive easily, is a family farm that offers children and grown-ups the country side experience with animals.  You can even help-out during harvest or collect eggs!  The objective of the family at Hof zur Matte is to grow crops based on BIO-SUISSE regulations, to be self-sustained and to transmit the knowledge about the earth and the cycle of life to the next generation.  Visitors  can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and participate in the daily activities.  Birthday parties are hosted at the farm, and the children have the opportunity to interact with the animals and learn how life at the farm effects our life at home.  

A giant Tipi is available for hosting birthdays and events that make your celebration even more special and unique.  There are swings and slides to play in and it is even possible to stay over night!

Tüfi adventure farm in Adliswil

The Tüfi adventure farm in Adliswil is a 24 hectare farm where children can get close to farm animals like horses, cows, calves, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, bees and cats and do many great activities like "school in the yard", carriage ride, riding lessons, sleep on the straw, shop in the farm shop and enjoy the band "Mezu". You can also throw your child’s birthday party here which will include a riding program and a carriage ride (CHF 200.00 for 12 children, and on Sundays CHF 250.00).

Marlis Egli pony farm in Oetwil am See

Marlis Egli Children's riding school is a great pony and horse farm where children from 3 years old can see the horses up close, learn how to take care of them and have riding lessons and learn how to ride in a playful and learning way or a nice ride in the forest. For a birthday party you should definitely try the "horse and pony afternoons" for children in spring, summer and autumn. Registration can be done online or by phone! 

Lützelhof in Pfäffikon

At Lützelhof farm in Pfäffikon is another amazing place where you can celebrate a special day like a birthday party, a wedding or even a company event. You can also spend the night on the farm and enjoy a delicious breakfast the next morning. You can choose between the straw store, the  dwarf house, or the garden shed for up to 6 people.

Hof Blum in Samstagern

The Hof Blum Farm offers children's birthday party on a farm and is a unique opportunity for your child and their friends to explore farm-life, animals and sustainability, even during winter time.  Birthday parties begin from age 6 and above.

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