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  • Güetlistrasse 45
  • 8132 Egg
  • Switzerland
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  • Free
  • Special needs

There is always lots to do in Hof Narr, and visitors are invited to help feed the chickens, keep company to the pigs and even take a pony for a walk!

One can visit the farm spontaneously for the day or book a scheduled visit and be guided by an expert through the life of the animals, listening about existing farming practices, learning about sustainable farming and understanding the link between the farm and the food we eat.  The experts at Hof Narr answer questions such as

  • Where does the food we eat come from? 
  • Where does the food of the animals come from? 
  • Where do the animal parts that are not consumed go?

Individuals, small groups, birthday parties and events can book the farm and combine learning about the farming industry in detail while having direct contact with the animals.  

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