Things to do over the school holidays with kids & winter camps for kids and teens around Zurich

There are many school holidays in Switzerland throughout the year.

While taking a break from the school routine is important, during the holidays there is a lot of free time to explore new skills too.   If you are wondering how to prepare for school holiday time, there are a couple of things to consider. 

Planning out a full week with kids doesn’t need to be hard, just as long as you prepare before-hand.  Each day can focus around a specific outing such as a museum or a day in nature.  

More about the importance of spending time outdoors and tips on getting outside with older children here.

Switzerland has a plethora of incredible museums that cater to the interests of young children while arousing their curiosity about the natural world, science and art.  Most of them also include playgrounds and unique ways that children can play while learning.

Packing snacks and drinks from home is recommended.  It is also recommended to have a budget for your outings since tickets, transport and meals can quickly add-up. 

Child friendly museums around Zurich include:

After planning your week, consider having a day or two at home with smaller outings to your local playground or hill for sledging.  These more relaxed days at home can focus on a special activity such as

  • preparing a meal together
  • building Lego or
  • exploring a new painting technique, which may also include a cleaning-up session together as well!


For kids that are ready to take part in group activities independently from their parents, interested in a hobby or in the case that parents have limited time at home during the holidays, there are various camp programs all over the Zurich region that run from February until March 2022 and are a great source of new skills. 

Keep in mind that for young children it is difficult to be sure if they are ready for a full-day camp program, and before committing to a weekly full-day camp there are certain things to consider. 

  • Ask your child if he/she wants to take part in a group activity
  • Is your child able to perform basic functions on her/his own? For example, asking to use the bathroom, eating independently. 
  • If a full-day seems too much for your child, it is best to begin with a half-day camp and this may take off the pressure in the beginning.
  • The week before the camp begins talk about the program of the camp, the interactions he/she will have, and the activities that will take place in order to increase predictability for the first day and reduce the fear factor.

We created a list of camps for children of different interests.  Note that due to Covid-19 availability is limited and places are booking quickly. 

Sports Camps

Sports camps offer a great outlet of outdoor and physical activity.  They build friendships and help kids cultivate skills such as being part of a team, problem solving, sense of accomplishment as well as growth through healthy competition. 

Creative Camps



Programming & Chess Camps

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