Top Outdoor Activities for Kids around Zurich this Christmas

Kids love Christmas time.  

The twinkling lights, the baking, the smells of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts before Christmas are what toddlers, school kids, teens and adults long for all year long.  

Along with the presents and Advents calendars that bring a special surprise each day of December up until Christmas morning, Christmas is also about connecting with family, feeling loved and learning to be hopeful.

While Covid continues to limit a big part of our lives, we can still enjoy the outdoors with our kids during Christmas by taking part in fun outdoor activities in and around Zurich.  Always with caution and following Covid regulations, there are many outdoor activities around Zurich that families can enjoy together.    

Older kids enjoy a ride on this magic tram while listening to fairy tales and enjoying treats offered by Santa's Angels.  

Nested in the courtyard of the Landesmuseum, the Illumnarium show is part of an overall outdoor experience that includes a Christmas village with drinks and food from different cuisines.  

By the Lake of Zurich and in the picturesque town of Lachen lies an iceskating rink where you can enjoy fun on the ice, celebrate a birthday or enjoy a family meal.  

The Winter magic ice skating rink in Adliswil is a great place to introduce your little ones on the ice.  All children can enjoy the festive atmosphere while parents can indulge in mulled wine, or sit down for a family meal.  

Every year the beach-volley ball court in the Erlenmoos recreation area is transformed in a ice-rink with ice-discos, and events all week.  Ice hockey teams have their own time-table and games that take place.  

Gluhwine and snacks are available and parents can also sit by the rink and enjoy the fresh air.  


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