All families are organizing their fall family getaways even if it is last minute


If you are looking for exciting and fun activities for you and your kids, Switzerland has countless options for things to do with kids! 


Autumn is a great season for family holidays because the weather is still good while most places are not as crowded as during summer. The region of Zurich has a plenty of half and full-day options for you and your children to visit and play, learn and explore nature together.

We have prepared for you a list with some of the Zurich region’s greatest destinations:


As a starting point for most hikes, Allmendhubel is a destination for families itself where families can enjoy the fresh air, kids can get active on the Flower Park Adventure Playground, and the whole family enjoy a meal or drink at the Allmendhubel Panorama Restaurant.  A 20 minutes Flower Trail educates young and older hikers about 150 different types of flowers and edelweiss that are unique to the region.  

To get here you can catch a very short ride on the funicular railway from Mürren and Stechelberg.  


Just a short ride on the historic colourful gondolas Stuckli Rondo, which are the first revolving gondola cableways in the world takes you to a natural children's wonderland with picturesque hikes to goat farms with friendly animals, a toboggan ride for all ages, and jumpy castles for the little ones.  For those who would like to test resistance to heights there is a suspension bridge as well as a tubing run!  Note that All activities are open until October 30th.  Brink a snack or enjoy a meal at the many places to enjoy a meal at the peak.  

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The Brunni toboggan is open daily! It is a great way to explore nature with your family as it is suitable for children of 4 years old with companion and children older than 8 can go on their own.  Ristis restaurant and Globi’s alpine playground are also very close and you can combine a visit there as well.  


The Yeti-park adventure park at Brunni is the ideal place to visit in autumn. It is a great destination for families as it will bring you all closer to nature. Here kids can try to ski and sledge for the first time when there is snow or just play around at the fun activities of the park. It is found behind Ristis restaurant and has a nice kiosk with sun terrace and deck chairs. 

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Globi's winterland and snow village at the Klostermatte in Engelberg is also a nice place to go during school October holidays. Children will love to make their first attempts at skiing or snowboarding here. 


If you want to add to the adventure of your family’s vacation then you should definitely visit the Trift Bridge Hike at the Windegg Hut this autumn! The Trift Bridge has a 170m span and is one of Alps longest suspension bridges! Here you can all go hiking together or dare the ascent from the Triftbahn mountain station to the Triftbrücke bridge (about 3 hours there & back). You should also walk through the "family path" to the Windegghütte.

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Riesenwald is an adventure trail and part of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Sardona. It is open daily for families and explorers of all ages and it is also accessible to prams and wheelchairs. Martin the giant is looking forward to meeting you and helping you discover stories of the legend of Martinsloch. Moreover the trail will help children develop motor skills and senses. It will also bring you closer to nature while you learn about the UNESCO Tectonic Arena Sardona characteristics. If you enjoy family barbecues there are various fireplace corners on the trail where you can grill and relax.  


You feel like going on an adventurous treasure hunt during this autumn break? Then Globi’s Treasure Hunt is the perfect destination for you and your family. On the hiking adventure kids will follow a treasure map to discover the lost pictures from "Globis Journey to the Heart of Switzerland"book! You should note that it is about a 4 hours hiking trip to ascend and descend and the main route is also suitable for strollers. 


Last but not least if you want to go on an adventure on the mountains this fall you could visit the Sports Track Elms which offers a great variety of activities that the entire family will certainly enjoy. The monster scooters, the trottinettes and mountain carts are a great way to discover the forest and the beautiful setting and come closer to nature. The whole family can  go hiking at the Höhenweg Obererbs-Ämpächli or have fun biking on the route from Ämpächli. Children will definitely have an amazing time playing at the Children's paradise Ämpächli playground of the Ämpächli restaurant. There are countless activities here for all kinds of weather like the Treehouse with a slide, a bowling alley, a Giant Trampoline, a Giant swing, Elmar's Gold Mine, a petting zoo, an indoor playground, ropes for climbing, a sand island and a water park. 

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do during this autumn break remember that it is the time you spend together as a family that brings you even closer.

Also, do not forget to take a lot of photos of your adventures with your children for the family album or this year's Christmas cards!

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