Dog-Friendly Playgrounds, Parks and Trails in Zurich. Unleashing Family Fun.


Embark on unforgettable family adventures in Zurich with kids and your 4 legged loved ones, with our comprehensive guide to family friendly and dog-friendly parks and trails. Connect with nature and benefit from the quiet energy while building bonds family and pets.  

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Spending time in nature with kids and pets is a fun and educational experience for the whole family.  This article is about families with pets that want to inspiration with places to go and enjoy a day in nature with their kids, teens and their furry loved ones.  Having pets and engaging in good habits such as regular walking and taking care of them on a daily basis, has physical benefits and with time  teaches children valuable lessons in responsibility, empathy, and caring for other living beings.  Research published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology highlights that caring for pets helps children develop nurturing skills, learn about compassion, and develop accountability. By involving children in the care of their furry friends, such as feeding, grooming, and walking, they learn to appreciate the needs of other living beings other than themselves.  As they grow with pets in an engaged way, they will eventually learn about compassion and empathy for living beings beyond their pets.

We created a list of parks where pets are allowed to join their families in nature outings around Zurich.  From the picturesque shores of Zurisee to the serene forests of Sihlwald, immerse yourselves in nature's wonders and cherish the moments that strengthen the family bond.


1.  Playground in Lindenhof, Spielplatz und Liegewiese beim Lindenhof

This playground full of fun activities for kids with various swings, climbing ropes and a slide.  Separated by a short bush there is a  sunbathing area and garden where where pets can roam freely while kids can play all climbing ropes all year round.  There is a public toilet and is ideal after a stroll in city as it has a wonderful view to the Limmat.  It is also located next to the historical site of Lindenhof in Zurich, where you can view the old town and river from up high.  The Lindenhof area is a large space and includes giant chess decks available to the public.  

2. Lake Zurich Promenade

Experience family-friendly fun at the scenic Lake Zurich Promenade. Enjoy leisurely strolls and picturesque lake views. Bring a ball, a frisbee and snacks to enjoy on ample green spaces for kids to play and dogs can roam freely.

3. Irchelpark

Nestled in Zurich, Irchelpark is a haven for nature lovers of all ages. Explore vast meadows, wooded areas, and tranquil streams. Kids can enjoy the playgrounds while your furry family members can roam in designated areas.

4. Sihlwald

Immerse your family in nature at Sihlwald, a picturesque forest near Zurich. Discover kid-friendly trails for exciting explorations. Engage children in educational scavenger hunts while your furry companion enjoys off-leash zones.

5. Käferberg

Discover family-friendly hiking at Käferberg with stunning city views. Explore well-marked trails suitable for all skill levels. Encourage children to observe flora and fauna for an enriching educational experience. 

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6. Allmend Brunau

Allmend Brunau is a paradise for families and dogs alike. Enjoy walking paths, open fields, even a dedicated dog swimming area. Engage in games, picnics, and playtime, ensuring endless entertainment for the whole family.

Creating cherished memories while strengthening family bonds is a remarkable experience, made even more special when our furry companions are involved. In Zurich the dog-friendly parks and trails offer a perfect setting for everyone in the family to come together and appreciate the beauty of nature.  As our pets join us on these outings, they bring out the best in us, encouraging us to be more active, patient, and loving. So, plan your next family adventure in Zurich's dog-friendly wonders where the whole family can spend a day in nature with a little bit of fun for everyone.   Happy trails! 



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