Gift Ideas For Dads, Kids & Teens

Christmas holidays are coming and all moms know that it is going to be a very busy time of the year!

With schools closed and children at home our days are full of fun activities and many many chores, dinners to prepare, decorations to do and gifts to wrap. Our loved ones expect Christmas to be a magical time and we love to make it happen but sometimes we forget a gift or two for someone special.

Finding the right gift for kids and adults who, have everything can be even more challenging.  Mothers usually undertake this responsibility and want to ensure that everyone is happy with Santa's presents.   

For this reason we did some research on Etsy and made a selection with the most trending and favorite gifts that will definitely put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.  Plus there is still time to order in time for Christmas!

Gift Ideas For Creative Teens & Kids


Sun printing kit, Cyanotype, starting at Euro 20 on Etsy

For those kids and adults that like to try new ways to express their inner artist, we picked a sun printing kit that can be enjoyed with friends on a sunny day or with UV light on a cloudy day.  Tip: Great activity to do indoors with kids on a rainy.  All kids have to do is find a leaf, flower or detailed shape around the house and with the help of an adult follow the steps to create sun prints also referred to as cyanotypes. 


Personalized makeup brushes, Euro 6.15 on Etsy

For young make-up artists, who like to take their work with them on a sleepover or a short trip, this personalized make-up brush set will certainly impress them, and their friends. 


JustGoSketching companion for A5 portrait note book and above.  It includes board, water pot and pen holder, Euro 41.20 on Etsy

This is the ultimate gift for artists on-the-go.  Easy to use and to draw on this sketching set is a must for older children and teens who are making their first steps into sketching as well as for those who are already budding artists. 


Personalized bookmarks, Euro 8.47 on Etsy

These leather bookmarks with personalized initials make reading elegant and fascinating activity, while helping children keep their page, making each book their own. 


Make Your Own Mini Macrame Cactus Craft Kit, starting at Euro 18.12 on Etsy

For those kids and teens that like to create their own decorations and artwork, this is the perfect craft.  Beautiful modern cactuses created with simple instructions and quality materials can personalize any every space. 

Gifts for Dad

Personalized weekend travel bag, Euro 54.52 on Etsy

This weekend bag is not only a practical gift but comes with a sense of adventure and rough-around-the-edges look.  Gifting this bag will inspire dads to be ready for family adventures and to be ready to do fun activities with their kids on weekends and holidays.  It is also the perfect size for a sports bag or hand carry-on during flights.  


Kitsugi bio repair kit with food-safe gold, Euro 39.90 on Etsy

Many dads love to repair things around the house, but for those that would like to make their work shine we recommend this Kitsugi repair kit.  Broken porcelain can now become a work of art and a personal statement for the creator.  Kids can be inspired by this activity and understand how a repaired item can have a character of its own and continue being useful.  


Personalized leather and clear travel zip pouch, Euro 29.69 on Etsy

For the dads who travel regularly by especially by plane, we recommend these clear pouches laced by soft leather, and personalised, so there is no confusion when going through security at the airport.  Elegance is key when you are on the go so why not store your toiletries or cables in a clear leather trimmed pouch, making going through security a breeze.  



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