Top Museums For Kids In Zurich

And Their Role In Children's Development

Museums contribute in many ways to the integral development of children, but how is this accomplished? Why is it so important for families with children to visit museums and why are they an endless source of stimulation and knowledge for young and old.

Museums are spaces that enlighten and educate all curious minds. The truth is that Switzerland is a country that apart from countless museums, which contain rich and important historical treasures, is full of numerous important sites. Now that school is over, we all have a great opportunity to visit these places, either in our home town or in the cities we'll be traveling to. After all, this helps our children to a great extent.

 Museums and historical sites introduce them to unknown worlds, spark their imaginations and provide valuable learning experiences. At the same time our young ones are broadening their intellectual horizons, and this experience also contributes to providing knowledge about all areas of life. More specifically:


They encourage a "love" of history

Museums and historical sites act as caretakers and "guardians" of history, and offer children greater connection and references to knowledge than those offered in a traditional school classroom. By visiting a museum, any museum, or historical site, a child comes into direct contact with history. He walks the same roads that people had walked hundreds of years ago, he sees the statues sculpted with details and the images, but also the general stimuli, act as catalysts in the assimilation of his knowledge. This experience can go a long way in making them love the value of historical knowledge. It's just as important, even if you don't know all the  historical details, to encourage them to ask questions. Use the detailed signs  to give as many answers as you can. Don't hesitate if you don't know something, ask the people who work there. They will almost certainly be happy to serve you.


Museums promote experiential learning

As mentioned before, these spaces, as informal learning environments, are sources that promote informal education. That is the process through which children acquire values, knowledge and skills experientially. From archaeological museums, museums specially made for children, science museums, natural history museums, folklore museums and so much more. Young visitors absorb knowledge that will follow them for their entire lives as their young minds are deeply impressed. Even just one visit to a museum can make a significant contribution to both learning and a child's desire to seek to repeat that experiential learning experience.


They develop critical thinking

One of the greatest benefits of visiting a museum is that it gives a visitor the opportunity to analyze, compare the different exhibits, and also identify which information is important. As the variety of exhibits gives the possibility of comparison, but also the identification of contrasts between them. What a  great opportunity to develop children's critical thinking skills.


They "ask" questions

Museums and historical sites are the places that "awaken" the curious minds of children and encourage them to ask questions. Questions that can either be answered immediately or require a lot of thought to solve. Either way, this helps significantly in giving them the confidence they need and also activates the "mechanism" of searching to find the answers to their questions on their own.


They inspire young and old

These spaces have a unique quality to awe their visitors with the grandeur and volume of stimuli they offer. While stimulating children's creativity minds to a great extent. They encourage them to dream, wonder and imagine by offering numerous stimuli to do their own art activities.


Museums for Kids Around Zurich

The Zoological and Paleontological Museums of the University of Zurich

WOW Museum Room of Illusions

National Museum of Zurich

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