Why are summer camps good for our children

Plus The Best Summer Camps in Zurich This Summer


Will you be enrolling your children to a summer camp this summer? Parents grow fonder of summer camps each year as they offer children a fun and creative way of passing free time during school holidays.

Summer Camps are very popular among both kids and parents. They can be half day or all day long and some even have stay overnight programs depending on the occasion and purpose of each programm. They usually take place during school holidays both in summer and winter and some even have weekend programs throughout the year. Summer camps offer creative and quality activities for children, giving special emphasis to the discharge from school curriculum concepts, keeping them busy during their free time with educational activities, entertainment, excursions, art activities, sports events, etc …

Sports Camps

Sports Camps are very popular among children who like to play all kinds of sports like football, basketball, tennis and other group sports but also for hiking, swimming etc. Sports camps have a lot of benefits as they promote physical health and fitness. They help children become more responsible and grow tolerance by working in a team plus they can really enhance their social and communication skills. Sports also boost feelings of self esteem and confidence in our children and a general love for sports that follows them throughout their lives making them adopt a healthier attitude and lifestyle in general.

Science Camps

We often hear the acronym STEM describing popular kids activities nowadays. But what does it stand for? Well, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM programs usually provide a fun and playful environment where children learn about science through playful experiments and hands-on action. Robotics and Technology classes are very popular to children because they give them the opportunity to get involved and have fun with computer activities. This is very important because children are not just observing a procedure but they get involved and thus learn better. STEM camps help children develop problem solving skills, they foster creativity, innovation and a love of learning in general. Children also learn how to work in a team and follow steps in each experiment leading them to deeper learning.

Art Camps

Art camps are a great choice as well. Art has many forms allowing each child to experiment in finding the one they like most. Painting, sculpturing, music or theater classes are all different forms of art that can offer a lot to our growing children. Art helps children express themselves in many ways and this is a skill that can help them a lot growing up. Art stimulates their imagination, makes them more observant, reduces stress and opens a new world of possibilities. Engaging in art activities also boosts our childrens’ self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment. Artistic activities also enhance comprehension and multisensory skills in a different and not so “school-like” manner that keeps their brains active while having fun.




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