Date & Time
  • Sihlstrasse 71
  • 8001 Zürich
  • Schweiz
Indoor swimming pool: 6:00- 22:00
Sauna: 8:00- 22:00 (Tuesday 8:00-14:00 and Thursday 18:00-22:00 for women only)
Additional info
  • Special needs

There are wardrobes for 5 CHF and a vending machine in case you want something to drink or a snack. If you want a brake you can visit the relaxation room with deckchairs or the outdoor area!

You can also enroll at the sauna for a single admission at 10 CHF or a subscription at 100 CHF(plus indoor swimming pool admission)

You can rent a bath towel, swimming goggles, swimming trucks, a laundry compartment or even a sports hall!

Rental: bath towel Fr. 3.- (+ depot Fr. 20.-),

swimming goggles Fr. 2.- (+ depot Fr. 20.-)

swimming trunks Fr. 3.- (+ depot Fr. 20.-)

laundry compartment Fr. 240.- (1/2 year), Fr. 400.- (1 year)

Rooms for rent: sports hall, 44x12 m, separable into 2 equal halves


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