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Monday to Friday
  • Marktstrasse 19
  • 8853 Lachen
  • Schweiz
Opening hours during lockdown 11:00-14:00

There are many classes for chidlren and adults available both in german and in english:

1. Teen Yoga mit Purna (DE)  for 8 Students 

2. Parent & Toddler with Michelle (EN)  45 Minutes

Fun-filled 45 minute class with yoga movements and breathwork incorporated into songs and games. Children learn to become aware of their body and to build strength, flexibility and balance. Ideal for children from walking to 3 or 4 years old (pre-kindergarten). Younger siblings are welcome to join the class.

Classes are taught in English and it is always beautiful to see how children who do not speak English start singing songs and building basic English vocabulary just by observing and doing.

3. Yoga & Mindfulness for Children with Priska (DE) 45 Minutes 

Mindfulness and compassion with children and adolescents includes easily understandable parts and effective factors that lead to improved stress and affect regulation. Especially in anxiety and high anxiety states the exercises and experiences can be of great help.

The basic assumption is that children and adolescents benefit from learning as early as possible to notice and change their handling of thoughts, physical sensations and feelings in a mindful and compassionate way.


Course packages: Children

Valid for all regular 45 - 60 minute classes for children and teens. Our courses are ongoing and can be joined at any time. 

Receive 10% off classes with annual house membership.

Trial Class- 2 times for free

We understand that children often need more time to try out new things, and therefore we are pleased to offer to free trial classes, without obligation. 

10 Class Pass - CHF 250.00

Your kid loves a class, but you don't know how long this love affair will last? Try a 10 class package and enjoy the flexibility of deciding when your child can join the class.

​valid for 6 months

20 Class Pass- CHF 450.00

This pass is for little super yogis and yoginis who want to completely immerse themselves in the world of yoga. Parents, of course, can also enjoy: while your child is in class, you can spend time in our café enjoying good conversations, reading, sipping coffee and looking forward to a relaxed child after the lesson.

Valid for 6 months

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