Date & Time
Monday- Friday
  • Zürichstrasse 38
  • 8840 Einsiedeln
  • Schweiz
Monday 15:45- 20:00
Tuesday 16:00- 21:00
Wednesday 9:00- 19:30
Thursday 9:00- 19:30
Friday 15:30- 20:15

At Matviienko Dance Art children can enroll in courses:

1. Children's ballet and circus from 3

Children are introduced to the art of classical ballet while also learning the basics of circus acrobatics. This way they become more balanced and agile and they develope their ability to coordinate and concentrate. 

2. Circus acrobatics

In this course children will learn all about circus acrobatics including handstand, vertical cloth, straps, trapeze, aerial hoop, juggling, slacklining, trampoline, unicycle and pyramids.

3.Ballett I – V

In Ballet classes children train and enhance body awareness, musicality, and the ability to concentrate beyond pure movement. The entry into ballet is possible from any age. Teenagers have the opportunity to choose between Ballet Open Classes and ballet with top dance.

4.En Pointe

Top Dance belongs is a part of Classical Ballet but it is suited for those who already have some experience. This course can be attended by children from 11 years and on who can train at least twice per week. 

5.Classical Ballet


The Freedance Breakdance course is for those who want to learn modern Dance movements, but also new techniques and ways to properly stage the Acrobatic Breakdance Moves. 

7.Modern-Jazz Kids

Jazz and Modern Dance (JMD) is a new dance style that expresses itself through dance and the arts on the dance floor. The modern jazz dance style is a combination of elements of expressive dance from African, European and American dance styles.

8.Air acrobatics

In the air acrobatics course everything is done on a vertical cloth, the trapeze, the straps and the flying hoop.A great course for those who enjoy hanging upside down In order to attend this class you have to be already familiar with acrobatics.


Monday 15:45- 20:00

Tuesday 16:00- 21:00

Wednesday 9:00- 19:30

Thursday 9:00- 19:30

Friday 15:30- 20:15

Cost per lesson (for 20 weeks)

45 minutes lesson

1 time per week     CHF 18 per lesson/ CHF 360 in total

2 times per week   CHF 15 per lesson/  CHF 600  in total

60 minutes lesson

1 time per week    CHF 23  per lesson/ CHF 460 in total

2 times per week  CHF 18 per lesson/CHF 720 in total

3 times per week  CHF 15  per lesson/CHF 900 in total

4 times per week  CHF 15 per lesson/ CHF 1040 in total

We can also organise and host children's birthday parties where children can dress up in amazing costumes and watch a small show!

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