Date & Time
  • Kasernenpl. 6
  • 6003 Luzern
  • Schweiz
10:00 - 17:00

The Nature Museum's three floors are hosting amazing collections of unique cultural assets that have been preserved and scientifically assessed and made accessible to the public. Special exhibitions change every six months and provide in-depth insights into various natural themes. At the moment there is a focus on night and darkness. 


Adults – CHF 10

AHV, Students, Apprentices, Tourists with guest cards – CHF 8

Children 6 to 16 – CHF 3

members - free entry

There are also combi-tickets availabe with the Historical Museum.

Permanent exhibitions:

Earth Sciences: introduces the basics of the history of the earth and showcases the development of the Central Swiss landscape from the primeval sea to the Alps.

Biology: presents the regional flora and fauna with preserved specimens.

Wonderful World of Insects: displays the incredible diversity of insects with selected pieces from the collection of the late insect researcher Walter Linsenmaier from Ebikon.

Current special exhibitions:

Conquest of the Night: This exhibition takes you on a foray through the night. Darkness envelops us, a breeze, a chirping…the night  invites us into an unknown world. Sounds, smells and the darkness make the ramble a sensual experience. In the night we can encounter creatures, animals, plants for which the darkness for which thrive in the night. We admire the fantastic expanse of stars in the dark sky - but to find our way in the dark, we make light. The exhibition is open until 16 April 2023.

Views Through the Telescope: Strange galaxies, distant star systems and galactic nebulae are on display that can only be seen through a telescope. The images and incredible colours are awe-inspiring and can render us silent as we view the distant unknown worlds on display.

Batvision: The exhibition allows you to experience the world like a bat. With virtual reality goggles you will perceive the world through echolocation, just like bats do. Surrounded by complete darkness, the environment only becomes visible through your own scream. Open every Saturday afternoon from 14.00 to 17.00.

The Night Does Not Sleep: Are you afraid of the dark? Are you more of an owl or a lark? Did you know that trees grow at night? Join Leila Fuchs as she stalks through the forests around Lucerne, night after night, and experience the dark from a different perspective. The night has many wonders and secrets. Sharpen your senses and be surprised by the nocturnal stories and creatures up close as you haven’t experienced before. Recommended age is from 13 years and duration is for 20 minutes. Open Tuesday nights.

Wednesday afternoons from 14:00 to 17:00 are dedicated to children five years or older, curious adults and accompanied small children. There is a discovery tour, handicrafts, crafts or painting on a nature theme with a new theme every month.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum but the Café-Bar LOKAL is next door or you can picnic on the outdoor grounds. 

How to get there: 

From Lucerne train station: Walk along the left bank of the Reuss for approximately 10 minutes or take the bus 2, 12, 50, 52, 61 or 72 to Kasernenplatz. Parkhaus Altstadt is the closest parking.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Additional hours for the special exhibitions.

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