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The most popular children’s birthday party highlight is a chocolate making workshop, during which Oliver introduces children to the history of chocolate, the origin of the fruit and beans, followed by the playful handling of textures and testing different flavors.


During the second part, the creations range from chocolate Muffin Monsters, Cookies, Pralines, Chocolate Mousse to chocolate Cremes in various forms.  


The concept can also be customized according to your preferences.


Workshop prices and duration


·      430 CHF for events between 10 - 15 children

·      A workshop has 1.5 hour duration, and 30 min before and after the event, respectively for preparation and tidying-up

·      All required supplies and ingredients are included along with additional chocolates for all children to take home in goody bags 

·      Oliver is available for workshops in the Zurich Lake region and offers the workshop in both German and English

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