Our favourite farm in the region Zug

We moved to Steinhausen in 2018 and since then, I have seen plenty of nice, sweet, cute and interesting places in canton Zug, but when I started thinking about which place my twin boys and I enjoy most is this farm!

About 10-15 minutes away from Zug, you will find this lovely farm open all year round. Upon arrival you find plenty of parking on two different farm entrances, and a bonus point, the parking is always free and always open!

The first thing we noticed first time we came, were the cows and horses. My boys love most animals, but they just adore cows and horses, which this place has in abundance. So that was our first stop. The animals are in general clean and very friendly, and petting, as they write on their website, is not only allowed, but encouraged! They also have chickens, which are free range*, dogs, donkeys, goats and different fowl such as ducks, geese, pigeons, peacocks, even some species that I don’t even know the proper names 

* you can buy eggs at the little Laden in the back (farm shop on the premises)


This is why you come here primarily, if you have kids! That and the animals, of course!

There are at least three playgrounds that you can easily spend a whole day going from one to the other and so on.  The main playground is in the center, in front of the coffee shop. There are chairs and tables where you can sit and get something to eat or drink while the kids play. The huge sandpit has all the tools, toys and a water source that the kids might need to have an amazing sand experience. We have spent many hot, summer days here, and a super useful tip is to bring spare clothes because small or big, the kids WILL get wet (and that goes even for bit chillier days; the kids just somehow always seem to need extra clothes)!

Playground 1

The coffee shop is in the white building behind the sandpit

The sandpit has a great big sun cover which is always open in summer when the sun is scorching hot

Another good idea is to bring snacks and water, because no matter how long you think you might stay, you will end up staying longer. In case the coffee shop is closed, at least you won’t have to scramble around looking for water. There is a toilet available at the barn where the cows are and I think the water in there is ok to drink, but still, better to come prepared.

The tool shed with toys and all the tools for the kids


Playground 2

The climbing playground is right above the big basketball court (sometimes also used for parking) where the kids can run around, kick the ball around or scoot on their scooters.

This playground is all about climbing, sliding down the fireman pole, playing with the small stones (good for digging) or just sitting around with your friends.


Playground 3

The third playground you will find in the far back of the farm, close to the trees and a small stream where a big fireplace is located. Close to it is also the bird and an enclosure with donkeys and goats. The little stream is a kid favorite in summer where they can get their feet wet. This is the only playground with a slide, swings and a seesaw. 

Right behind this playground there is a big grilling spot with a BBQ and wood provided


Grilling/BBQ spots

Another cool thing you will find around the farm are multiple places (mainly around the playgrounds) where you can grill. The wood is also provided at these spots, so the only thing you need to bring is something to grill and matches. You will usually be able to find even paper and small kindling to start a fire.



Weid Kafi-Coffee Shop is open Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon and Saturdays morning AND in the afternoon. 

There is a Book-Log shelf behind the corner with free books that can be taken, borrowed, returned and or exchanged.

The Weid Kafi offers cake, drinks and coffee, as well as snacks and homemade soup.  In summer, there is of course farm produced ice cream.

They also offer the option of renting out space for events and parties.

Farm Shop

Weid Laden-Farm Shop, is open every day and Saturdays. They sell products from their own production and from regional sellers. All products in the extensive range come from certified organic production. Their offer ranges from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy products to everyday products. The farm is also a workplace for the previously mentioned people in need.


Another interesting space that can be seen behind the coffee place and the playgrounds is the carpentry shop. They produce high quality products made from Swiss wood, such as furniture, toys and decorative items .

Tractors! We’re on a farm, after all

This is one of the very cool offers the farm has, and the kids love it! There is a big selection of all sorts of vehicles for the children, from the youngest to older kids, maybe even up to 8, 9 years old.

The smaller cars are for toddlers while the bigger tractors with the trailers are aimed at bigger kids. 

Hiking trail

It starts to the left of the parking and winds its way all around the back of the farm. According to the website there is an Alpine and a panoramic view of the area with an information board with all the peaks that are visible.


Goats share the same enclosure with the donkeys, and one will also occasionally see horse riders walking by and saying hi to the kids

There is a big area outside for the chicken to get out and roam

The ducks and geese are all in one area right above Playground 3 and the BBQ place. The animals can get very loud and super protective of their eggs, depending on the time of year you visit


Final thought: This is a perfect place when
  • It is sunny and warm outside
  • It is cloudy and other places are closed it is always open and people are very friendly
  • You want some peace and quiet

In summer, the place is bursting with fruit trees, mainly apple and plum. You can buy fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables.  

For more information check here.


About the author

Azra Variu is a mom of active twin boys who loves to try new activities and spend time with them.  She is as energetic as her boys are and has made the most of life in Switzerland the last 16 years, by traveling, exploring and trying new experiences.  While she is an active mom she teaches English and holds a masters in English Language and Literature from the University of Bern.  She enjoys sharing her discoveries with friends because she wants to spread the word about exciting places that more people can enjoy.  An perfect fit to the Momizen team.