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1. A picture is worth a thousand words


Pick a capturing hero image for your main photo. Add a summary that is short and sweet to capture your audience


2. Use the photo Gallery for more photos!


Upload photos from your classes or events on the gallery at the bottom of the page to show what you are all about!


3. Get reviews from your audience


Reviews by parents help other parents make purchase decisions


4. Make it simple for parents to review you


Add the 'Review us on Momizen' button to your homepage linking it back to your activity page of Momizen so that people can easily write a review or to see what others say




5. Share your page with your community


Sharing your activity page is simple as pie, just click on the icons right on your hero image



6. Don't forget to describe your event!


Offer all necessary details of your event in the details section. Include links for registrations or bookings!


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